Midnight Breakfast



My friends and I dancing on the booths 

Christmas…The most wonderful time of the year! (Cue the month long Christmas songs that play on repeat!)
Being a college student, Christmas is often times overlooked by the stress of finals week. However my school, Fairfield U, tries to give us a little holiday cheer before we lock ourselves in the library for the next five days chasing those good grades. The event that puts us in the holiday spirit is known at Fairfield as the infamous Midnight Breakfast.


Bellermine Hall at Fairfield U all decorated for Christmas

Midnight breakfast is a celebration of a combination of the holidays, the last day of classes and the start of finals week. It is basically the last hurrah of the semester. Everyone dresses up in very festive outfits where the more red, green, sparkle and lights the better.  All of the students are seated in the cafeteria and professors serve a delicious breakfast. While being served by your professors is fun, the highlight of this event is the moment where Mariah Carrey’s hit All I want for Christmas is you is blasted from the speakers.  Everyone climbs up on the tables and chairs and sings at the top of their lungs.


My roommates and I before heading to the Breakfast


The VERY long line


My friends and I woke up at the crack of dawn (ok it was 7:45 but that is basically dawn for a college student) to get in line in order to receive the coveted 10:30 ticket time. On the day of Midnight Breakfast all of my friends and I got ready wearing our ugliest sweaters and most festive outfits and took lots of pictures. We waited in the VERY long line but once we made it in I sang (badly and off-pitch at that), danced and ate to my heart’s content! It was a great end to the semester and a wonderful way to get in the mood for the holiday season. Can’t wait for next year!

Haley ⚓️


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