Looking Back on 2015

I cannot believe that 2015 has come and gone. It feels liked I blinked and it is already the new year. It is so scary to think how fast time seems to fly by and it seems like the older I get the faster if goes by. Just like any year there have been ups and downs, however the ups definitely out way the downs. I accomplished and experienced so much this year.  Here is a look back at just a few of those things.  Just warning you now, this post is VERY photo heavy! Be prepared! He we go…

I finished my freshman year at Fairfield University. I could have not asked for a better school and am so happy with my decision. I have made friends of a lifetime and cannot imagine my life without them…IMG_5407IMG_4212IMG_4364

I was the maid of honor in my cousins wedding.  The wedding occurred at my college, Fairfield U! and the reception took place in Westport, CT. It was such a fun experience that definitely made me aware of what it takes to plan a wedding!…IMG_4626IMG_4696IMG_5182

I spent another summer working at the beach as a parking attendant. I could not ask for a better summer job… IMG_5332

I got to see Taylor Swift in concert with my best friend…11796430_857147754360907_5773765653737444000_n

I visited my roommate in Mass. and got to have a much needed beach day…11753673_860426747366341_6557765572006834922_n11822323_860426554033027_9039576391284240426_n11822534_860427067366309_6813507113420245653_n

I met up with some Fairfield friends in NYC…11028371_852695151472834_7898796300120425340_n

I spent a few days in RI with family…11919117_868869959855353_3057145456517025826_n

I visited Block Island with my dad…11043537_860428414032841_4502410705105918376_n10985414_868868066522209_1395084491161792979_n

My dad and I also went to NYC for the day…11880383_868872749855074_4485316592155995946_n11951131_868871633188519_7416516759572332385_n11892268_868872716521744_8427293035697006450_n

Spent a bunch of time down by the shore…11954564_868873056521710_7281604293744144723_n10422411_868870099855339_5952174558624195163_nIMG_5436IMG_6560IMG_5083

I started my Sophomore year at Fairfield…11954714_875897672485915_3505446807106263263_n11986359_875898455819170_327335267801671245_n12038553_1073485209336919_7781380895458739789_n12032926_991733407550679_4174866801779204935_n12036781_10207972261088292_2545646377327554165_n

And celebrated my 20th Birthday! Ahh…12088251_891279584281057_6363942627575308157_n12112428_891279837614365_1065929521941615351_n

What a year! One of the best ones yet! I am so fortunate to have such a wonderful life and thank my lucky stars everyday.  I cannot wait for what this new year has to come! Bring it on 2016!!! HAPPY NEW YEAR!

Haley ⚓️




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