New Year Resolutions

Happy 2016! I hope everyone had a fabulous New Year’s Eve. Mine was pretty relaxed, spent cuddled up on the couch, but it was a great way to end 2015. IMG_0036
Like Everyone, as the year drew to a close I thought about the things that I would want to change in the new year, or things I wanted to work on. So yes, this is just another resolution blog post, that most likely I will start out strong, and by February, when things get hectic again, will drop by the weigh side. However, to stick to our goals there are several ways to keep ourselves accountable. You could keep a journal, or a log, or do a reward system. I may be doing a combination of these things to help keep myself on track to accomplishing my New Year resolutions. So on that note here are my 5 resolutions for 2016.

  1. Drink more Agua!
    I am REALLY really bad about staying hydrated. Like it is actually a major issue. I can go all day with only one glass of water. That is 8 ounces. I know, I know that it is so bad for my skin, hair and the rest of my body so that is why I am making it my top priority.
  2. Eat Healthy(ier)
    I know this is probably the most generic new year resolution that everyone makes, but I really want to try this year. I mean I am not going to cut everything out of my diet but have things in moderation. Being on the meal plan at college is my biggest problem because everything is right at your fingertips and that is soo tempting. So to help maybe I will keep a food log or use the app my fitness pal to keep me accountable. Fruit and veggies here I come!
  3.  Workout More
    I really want to get into a work out regime. While I do Zumba weekly I want to fill my other days with other activities. I tried out boxing last year (wow that sounds so weird!) and really want to integrate it into my weekly routine. Here is to getting my sweat on in the new year!
  4. Be Spontaneous
    I am someone who likes a routine, so for that reason I want to say yes to things I would normally say no to. Even if things scare me I have to try new things and let my guard down! Sometimes the best things that happen are the ones that occur last minute.
  5. Live life to the fullest
    It is crazy to think that 20 years of my life have already passed by, and it feels like it all happened in a blink of an eye. Every day is a blessing and for that I want to live every moment to the fullest.

Here is to 2016! A blank slate, a clean start. Let’s make it the best one yet!

Haley ⚓️


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