Weekend Get Together


Last weekend I drove down to Stamford to have a little Fairfield reunion. One of my close friends transferred from Fairfield this year to a different college. Her new school is nearly 8 hours away making it very hard to ever get to visit each other, however the holiday time, when everyone is home, is the perfect time because we all live within 2 hours of each other. Two of my roommates and I took the train into Manhattan to meet up with her.IMG_5502


Is it really a trip to the city without a salted pretzel?!


Obligatory Times Square picture…photo creds to a random stranger haha

We spent the day wandering the typical touristy parts of the city like Bryant Park and Times Square. Being the first weekend of the New Year and the end of the holiday season these areas were VERY crowded and VERY cold. It was so fun seeing the hustle and bustle and the pretty lights but I have to say that spring and fall are the best times to visit NYC because the temps aren’t too extreme and there aren’t as many people. But we made the most of the day and wandered around catching up on each other’s lives. For some reason every time I go into the City with my friends we never have a definite plan of what or where we want to go and just end up wandering and we always say next time we will be more organized, but typical, yet again we were not! After sitting in a Starbucks to get warm and debating all the different eating options we just decided to try Hard Rock. I have been to the Hard Rock in the Bahamas and Washington D.C. and it was a great choice. The wait was a tad bit long but it was worth it. We had a great time eating and laughing and just having a good time.IMG_5523


Everyone loves a good ole snapchat selfie!

We then took the train back to Stamford where we all stayed at my roommates house and spent the evening in our pajamas reminiscing and telling stories. Isn’t it funny that even though I hadn’t seen my friend since July (6 months!) we all picked up right where we left off as if she never left. (Those are the best types of friendships!) I am so lucky to have made great friends at Fairfield who are willing to stay in touch and get together. I know that these are friends I will have for a lifetime! The visit was short but sweet and it couldn’t have been any more fun.

Haley ⚓️



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