Windy by the Shore






The other day my mom and I took a quick day trip down to the shore of Connecticut to check on our summer home. I am lucky enough to spend my summers on the Long Island Sound and whenever I can, even when the weather is cold, I love to sit in the house and just look out at the water. Being on the Long Island Sound there are almost no waves however the day we visited, because it was so windy, there were whitecaps! There were windsurfers bundled up in their wetsuits catching some serious air!

Having spent the last ten years summering down at the shore and working there in the summer I have friends who live down there year round. Today I was able to have lunch and catch up with one of my very close friends. It was so fun to see her and get to hear all about her college experiences all over a delicious lunch! (If you are ever in CT, my friend and I drove to Essex, CT, which is such a cute old New England town and the place we ate, the Black Seal was quaint and my salad was so delicious!)

I headed across the street from our house to take a little walk on the beach. It was VERY windy and quite nippy but it was so worth the few minutes by the water! It just made me want winter to be over and summer to come…too bad winter is just beginning….




This is an outfit that I wear on repeat. An off white sweater with a patterned button-down underneath. It is so comfortable yet looks so put together. On a chilly day like it was, it also kept me warm! (my hands on the other hand were just a tad bit frozen!) To add some pizzaz I always love to add a blingy statement necklace. It just takes a somewhat basic outfit to the next level.  Skinny jeans are my go to when I want to look presentable yet still be comfortable. And since I was traipsing around the beach, L.L. Bean boots were the perfect foot attire. The few minutes I spent at the beach lifted my spirits and made me so excited to spend another summer down by the shore.

Outfit Details: {Plaid button down} {Cream cable knit sweater} {Statement necklace} {Skinny jeans} {camp socks} {L.L. Bean Boots}

Thanks for reading!

Haley ⚓️


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