Positive Affirmations


Going into this year at school my roommate and I made it our motto to have Good Vibes Only or as we commonly refer to them at GVOs. On the reg we will be venting about something and we constantly remind ourselves to have GVOs.

It seems that many people these days do not have positive attitudes on situations and bitch and moan about things which only puts people in an even worse mood.  My roommate and I made it our motto to be more positive.


Sophomore year is a year in limbo.  Internships haven’t started quite yet and we are still underclassman but at the same time we are starting to realize that the real world is only 2 short years away. (AHH it freaks me out just saying it!!!).  But sophomore year is the year of interviewing and bigger leadership roles. It can be nerve racking and scary! So to combat that and give us a little confidence boost each time we leave the room my roommate and I decided to make a positive affirmation door. On the inside of our door to the hallway we have covered with surface with positive quotes and sayings that make us smile. It is a little pick me up before heading out for the day! Everyone loves it not only for its inspiration but for also being a great back drop to photos! ha ha Some of the quotes we have just printed out from Pinterest and others we have handwritten in our own calligraphy. It is so much fun to find inspirational happy quotes and can be a stress reliever or study break to write them out all fancy.


This was when we just moved in and hadn’t added much to the door yet! 

It is so important to keep a positive outlook on life because I feel like you feel so much better when you are upbeat and not thinking negatively.

If you have any other quote suggestions to add the door let me know!

Haley ⚓️



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