A Peek into my Week

I know this is a little late but this past week was my first back at college and let me tell you it was a busy one! We just jumped back into classes the day after we moved in…unfortunately there was no easing back into things! Although I was not very excited to get back into the grind of papers and homework I was so excited to see all of my friends. Since monday was Martin Luther King day classes began on tuesday and thus began syllabus week. Here at Fairfield professors don’t really understand the concept of syllabus week and not giving out homework so my friends and I just pretended that the work we were receiving wasn’t pilling up and just pretended that we had no responsibility or priorities haha

So far I really like the classes I am taking and hope that I continue to like them. I am taking a psychology and law class that I think I am really going to love and find interesting.  I am very interested in the topic but having an awesome professor just makes all of the difference and I know that in this class she is going to be a hoot. I am also taking an art history class as part of the core requirement and I can already tell that it is going to be very rewarding because my professor is not just making it a class on art but also about current events and things we should know in order to be a well rounded person before we go out into the world.  He really gave us all a wake up call on how little we knew about things that we should actually know about-like politics and world history-and how we knew too much about pop culture.  I had to buy a New York Times subscription so I will let you know if I find any interesting stories!


Here at Fairfield you are not allowed to have a car until Junior year…with one exception…nursing majors.  Nurses are allowed to have their cars spring of their sophomore year so they can do their clinicals and lucky for me the majority of my friends are nurses! So we have the added excitement of being able to explore Fairfield and the surrounding area without having to pay for an Uber. We have so many places we want to visit this semester! A few friends and I went to a local breakfast shop (if you are ever in Fairfield county it is a very cool breakfast-like place called The Granola Bar in Westport, CT- if you go have the avocado grilled cheese!-pictured above)



The card I made for my  friend’s birthday! As you can tell she loves Dunkin


My friend Kerri!

I did a lot of hanging out and catching up with friends and got to celebrate one of my closest friend, Kerri’s, birthday. We went out to an asian fusion restaurant called Wild Rice in downtown Fairfield…if you ever go order the Drunken noodles! (I know..it’s a weird name…but it is delish!)


My friend Maggie trying to throw a snowball at me! She missed!


Holding hands so we don’t slip on the ice!


The view from outside my window!

Snow storm Jonas hit Saturday in the early morning hours.  Because it was a coastal storm Fairfield was hit pretty hard and my friends and I spent the entire day in comfy sweats hanging out, doing homework and watching movies. It was so relaxing and much needed. I was one of the brave ones and ventured out to the dining hall for both brunch and dinner.  It was a bit treacherous but such a fun time.  A few friends and I even had a mini snow ball fight! Unfortunately we didn’t get to take part in the Fairfield tradition of going sledding on the big hill in front of the library because I forgot my sled…but don’t worry my dad is bringing it down this weekend so it will be here for the next snow storm that is bound to hit New England.  Saturday night several friends and I watched a relatively new movie that has been getting a lot of awards hype.  It was called Room…It wasn’t necessarily a scary movie (I don’t want to say what it is about incase anyone wants to watch it!) but it definitely made us think and as my friends and I were sitting there talking we heard the door jiggle and because we were all so freaked out from the movie we screamed! haha.  Room is definitely a must see but just be warned that it is a very stressful movie and at countless times throughout it my friends and I were yelling at the TV and the characters haha.

Sunday I had training for becoming a tour ambassador at fairfield. It was a lot of fun and it is always a plus to have delicious food catered from a local restaurant. (just realizing how food heavy this post is…whoops! hope I am not making you hungry) After training a few friends and I attended student mass on campus and that was the end of a pretty low key week back at Fairfield. I hope that any of you other college students transitioned well back into classes! Thanks for reading-sorry it was so long!

H ⚓️




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