A Peek into my Week

Is it just me or did this week fly by?!? I feel like the first full week back to school always feels like it is an eternity but for some reason it feels like last saturday was yesterday! And I am not going to complain about it. This week was not a very exciting one.  For the most part it was just full of lots of meetings, clubs and classes.  However I did manage to squeeze some adventures in there.

Monday I shadowed my first campus tour. For those of you who don’t know I am a tour ambassador in training.  It was so fun to interact with perspective students and learn the tour route and to think I will be giving my tours in two short weeks! Ahh I better brush up on my information.  I also got back into the swing of zumba! Zumba is my absolute favorite way to work out.  For me it doesn’t feel like working out but a super fun dance class. I always feel so energized and healthy after I get out. I highly suggest trying to anyone who is on the fence! You won’t regret it. (I will try to do a blog post on my favorite workout wear soon!)

Friday was a low key night spent in our dorm building hanging out in different dorm rooms.  Nothing too exciting. Saturday we got a group of people to take the train to New Haven to go to Toad’s Place.  We have gone in the past because Saturday nights are college night with a DJ and discounts for college kids.  We had a HUGE group of Fairfield kids..like two metro north train cars full! We went into the night thinking it was going to be a great night full of dancing and friends but boy were we wrong.  As soon as we got out of the uber in front of the venue I went to find a bathroom with a few friends while our other friends got in line.  When we went to go get in line we were told the club was already at capacity and it would be hours before we got in.  Our friends were being pushed, shoved and cramped behind the gate to the point that it was becoming dangerous so we helped them climb over and we were going to give up and get pizza.  Well little did we know it was Quinnipiac’s first weekend back after holiday break so New Haven was swamped and was the reason for the club being so packed.


People ended up ordering food at a convenience store and then going to Insomnia Cookies. (is it sad to say that those cookies were the best part of our night?!? haha–but actually they were delicious!) We decided to give up and just head back to the train station so we could make our way back to campus.  However only half of us bought round trip tickets. My friend Patrick and I were at the booth buying tickets for everyone and then ran-no joke full sprint- through the terminal to the train only to see it slowly chugging away with our friends on board.  It was like a scene out of a movie…not a fun experience.  To say we were annoyed would be an understatement.  Here we are with all these tickets in hand missing the last train of the night with all of our friends on it.  We ended up finding other Fairfield kids we knew who also missed the train to share an Uber back to campus with, but it was just not a good end to an already not so great night.  But whatever it’s life ya gotta move on and just say we will look back and laugh about our New Haven adventures (at least we hope so!) I just have to look on the bright side and say it could have been a lot worse. (#goodvibesonly)

I feel like I am just in a sophomore slump and nothing seems to be going our way.  I would be perfectly content just watching movies on the weekends with friends but I know I only have a limited time to #college so I have to take advantage of every opportunity.  It’s just nights like this past weekend make me want to stay in and just hang out and not make an effort to do anything. I know that it is just my annoyed self talking but hopefully things will turn around!

At Fairfield we have an arts program where we get famous people come in to give talks.  In the past we have had people like America Feriera, Captain Philips and Tim Gun speak and Sunday I saw the famous dancer Judith Jamison give a talk.  The crowd was largely elderly people but it was an interesting talk about the dance world and what it was like growing up as an African American during that era.  I also befriended an old man sitting next to me. He was so cute and friendly and we chatted about life before the talk began. Overall I am glad that I went.

I hope you all had a better week than I did! Here is to hopefully a great week ahead of us!

Haley ⚓️



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