Thank Yous

From a young age my mom instilled in me the value and importance of writing thank you notes.  After receiving gifts I remember sitting down with her and writing what felt like a millions Thank yous.  I would complain and put it off as long as possible. However, over the years I have grown to not mind writing them out.  The least you can do after receiving a favor or gift is to formally thank the person.  In today’s world of technology most people can get away with shooting a quick thank you email however you do not know how much it sets a person apart to actually sent a note snail mail style.  The person receives a cute little envelope and has to actually tear it open to see your hand writing in front of them thanking them for whatever it is.  It’s all about the brownie points people and thank you notes definitely earn them for you and can definitely help make you stand out in today’s society.

Plus with all the cute stationary out there how can you not love writing them?! (I find really cute ones at the dollar store and Target for great prices!) It is so fun to pick out a card based on the person you are sending it to.  I have way too many different designs to count and when I am down to the last one in a certain pack I always want to keep it cause the design is too cute (does this happen to anyone else?! or just me?!)


Being the crafty person I am I even like to create my own thank you notes to add even more of a personal touch.  The cards above I made a few summers ago and were so easy to make.  I wrote out Thank You in the sand at the beach with shells I had collected and then snapped a picture of it. I then went to my local CVS and had about 15 prints developed (This project is perfect to do when CVS is having one of their print shop sales and you have to have a certain amount of prints…this greatly lowers the cost of each print!). I picked up some envelopes at Walmart along with some card stock, cut the card stock to size and mounted the photos on with sticky dots!  If you even wanted to you could write something like made with love by so and so or just a made by on the back of the card. Fun, quick, easy, cost effective, personalized…what more could you ask for?!  Hope this inspires you to make some of your own notes cards!


Does anyone else believe in the art of Thank you notes?

H ⚓️


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