A Peek into my Week

This week seemed to go by very fast and very slow at the same time (does that make sense?).  I can’t believe it is already the weekend but at the same time this week was so busy that it seemed like it went on forever.  Due to the fact that I was extremely busy not many exciting things happened (this seems to be the trend of the month).

I attended many different fitness classes this week (a post on that to come!).  The fact that spring break is creeping up on us so fast is scary so I kicked it into overdrive this week to get in bikini ready shape haha.


Friday a snow storm hit in the wee hours of the morning.  Everyone was crossing their fingers that classes would be cancelled but since we are a coastal school and the storm was hitting hard more up in the hills I wasn’t expecting anything.  Sadly as I suspected my classes weren’t cancelled and I had to trudge through the snow to my 9:30. I had to visit the campus art museum for my art history class friday too.  While the trek across our hilly campus was a bit treacherous as the wet snow came falling down, it was a nice little break in the day to be able to just sit and admire a piece of art work.  The museum is located in a beautiful old stone mansion on campus and I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to snap some artsy photos.

Friday a few friends and I were to exhausted to go out, plus I had a lot of homework to work on so we all stayed in and just laid around chatting.  It was so nice and I had not a single ounce of FOMO.  As I have mentioned before I am just kind of in this funk and really want to climb out of it so I can have fun doing things.  Maybe it is the cold and this snowy weather but all I really just want to stay in and watch movies haha.


Saturday I slept in, went to my first ever spin class with a group of friends and then grabbed a bite to eat before showering and hitting the books.  I ended up going out Saturday night but kind of wished I had just stayed in and relaxed as it was not a very eventful evening, but you never know what will happen or what the night will turn into so my motto is you never know until you try.

Sunday was spent in the library writing an 8 page single spaced (I repeat SINGLE SPACED!!!) homework assignment.  I don’t wish that upon my worst enemy, it was brutal! The Super Bowl was on Sunday night, but due to the fact that I had so much work (I seem to be swamped lately…) I only was able to watch the half time show and a few of the commercials.  My favorite commercial was the one Heinz ketchup with the weiner dogs, so cute!!

Were your weeks any more eventful than mine?!? Who loved the half time performance of the Super Bowl?! Have a good upcoming week!

H ⚓️


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