Spring Break Countdown


T minus 15 Days.
Is it too early to have a count down to spring break?!?  I know I got back to school a month ago and don’t get me wrong I love New England weather but lately I have just been craving sunshine and warm weather.  I recently found out I had a vitamin D deficiency (partially due to the fact that my skin doesn’t see the light of day in the winter). When my skin is visible it looks pasty, and dry making me lust for the day when it will be tan again. My skin and apparently my body is in need of some serious Vitamin D!

Last year I spent my spring break at home in Connecticut doing homework (let me tell you that was a blast and a half..not!) but this year I am fortunate to be traveling somewhere sunny and warm! I will not be having a wild spring break like you see in the movies.  Many of my friends will be traveling abroad in the fall and are saving money for their European adventures while some of my other friends are traveling to Italy for spring break with a club at our school. So my dad and I decided to reward ourselves and I am so excited to say that we will be visiting the Dominican Republic! My brother has a different spring break week than me and after traveling to Europe this past fall my mom is all traveled out for the time being haha.

My dad and I are definitely the more adventurous ones in the family and have many fun activities in mind, one of them being just lying on the beach catching some rays. Being a Spanish minor I am excited to put my skills to use and see how good my abilities really are. Also if you don’t know me I am a huge fan of spanish food…I could eat rice and beans all day everyday. My mouth is salivating just thinking about the delicious foods I will be able to try!  I guess until then dreaming of my toes in the sand and the sun on my face (in addition to having to dust on layer after layer of bronzer to combat looking like a vampire..okay maybe I am over exaggerating) will have to do!
Is anyone else going anywhere fun?!  Anyone else been to the DR before?!

H ⚓️




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