A Peek into my Last three weeks

Sorry for the lack of posts over here.  I have just been extremely busy and the weather has been so weird (-3 one day and then 60 another day…thats New England for ya) that is.  II have been crazy busy and unfortunately school work comes first.

Last week was extremely uneventful. The week went by pretty fast and then we had a long weekend due to President’s day.  Many of my friends went home, however I chose to stay and I have to say it was a very relaxing weekend full of many movies and just lounging around.  Campus was a ghost town, but it was actually kind of nice.


Valentines day a group of friends and I went to Shake Shack (if you haven’t been you have to go!).  This little girl came up to our table at Shake Shack, she was so comical and she basically told us her many personal details you shouldn’t stare with a stranger.  Her father was MIA/didnt care that she kept wondering around.  Luckily we are not a creepy bunch but it was scary to think that she tells perfect strangers all these details.  We still joke about the little girl to this day (#insidejokes). We then went to the movies to see “How to be Single” (so fitting since we all were #single)

The weekend after that was fun. I went out both nights and had a lot of fun dancing and singing the night away. I also gave my first weekend tour of the campus. It went really well! IMG_5776

This past week hasn’t been real eventful.  It has consisted of mostly homework and studying for midterms.  However at the end of this week will be the official start of my Spring Break which means I will finally be somewhere warm!  It is the only thing getting me through all this studying!


This past weekend was my one of my roommates birthday so we threw her a surprise party in one of our friends rooms so she wouldn’t suspect it! It was so much fun planning and decorating and she was so surprised. Unfortunately I couldn’t stay long after she arrived because I had a lot of reading to catch up on before a big test (trust me I am never one to turn down a fun night out celebrating with friends-If I stay in it means it is dire haha)

I also got to see a meatball cook off (in addition to eating delicious cannolis) with world renown chef Donatella Arpia.  She is a Fairfield University alum and came back to host the competition (she is a judge on Iron Chef) and give a talk at our theatre.  I went to see her speak for one of my classes and it was very interesting.  She graduated from Fairfield and went on to earn her law degree however realized it wasn’t what she was passionate about and switched careers.  It just goes to show that you have to do what makes you happy and not what makes others.

Other than that my week has been pretty boring with just studying for an Art history, two psychology, and a philosophy midterms. Wish me luck cause I will need it this week haha.  Good luck to anyone else who is currently taking midterms!



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