Exciting News!!!

I have very exiting news to share! I was just officially accepted to study abroad in drum roll please…..Madrid, Spain in the Spring of 2017!!!!  I was up late studying when the acceptances came out and I had trouble falling asleep that night thinking about the amazing journey I would be embarking on in less than a year! Next year at this time I will be in Spain! CRAZY!


Me my senior year of high school overlooking Madrid!

I did an exchange my senior year of high school and stayed in Madrid for two weeks and lets just say it gave me a taste and I so want more! I cannot wait to return for round two in Madrid, España!

Let the obsessive pinning, lists, day dreaming, and planning begin! I cannot wait to explore Madrid and the rest of Europe.  I can just taste the endless churros con chocolate I will be having and all of the mouth watering cuisine I will eating. I will get to see my favorite soccer team, Real Madrid play (Cristiano Ronaldo anyone?!?!), see my friends I have who live in Madrid and the list goes on and on! Ahhh! I cannot wait! I don’t wait to wish the rest of this semester and the first semester of my junior year away but right now I just want to hop on a plane this minute!

Is anyone else studying abroad or planning to in the future? Where are you going?!?

Hasta Luego!

Haley ⚓️


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