Island time-Wifi-less


Hello friends! Sorry for being MIA the last two weeks.  Two weeks ago was midterms for me and let me tell you the only thing that got me through was knowing I would be on a beach in a few days. I had a exam every single day so it was not fun.  Last week I was on spring break in the Dominican Republic! I hopped to be able to do some posts while on vacation but when we arrived to the resort we were informed that we were only allowed one hour (I repeat ONE HOUR) of wifi per day and that it could only be used in the main hall of the complex.  When I first heard the concierge mention that my jaw just about dropped to the floor. How was I going to be able to survive without connection to the outside world for six days?!? I then proceeded to ask how much it would cost to have unlimited wifi and she said it would be $70.  I mean that isn’t a fortune but certainly not an expense you want to have to pay.  I knew my dad would not pay it and being the broke college student I am I was not willing to cough up the money.


My snap story from the first day

My dad and I made a plan to use our one hour after we ate dinner.  This was around 9 pm and I have to say as much as I complained at the beginning of the week in the end it wound up being quite nice.  In todays world everyone is so attached to their phones.  They have to update others on their lives every second as if they are live streaming their lives. Don’t get me wrong I love snap chat and instagram as much as the next person but I feel like people are always comparing their lives to others and are so obsessed with knowing what others are up to.  I am as guilty as anyone.  I find myself checking snapchat and instagram countless times throughout the day even if only 30 minutes have passed and I know that not much has changed, I just have this urge.  I think it might be a boredom or avoiding responsibility thing but it is not necessary.


The first night I used up every minute of my 60 minutes of being connected to the outside world.  By the third day as soon as I scrolled through my feeds and sent a few snaps I had gotten my fix and was ready to head back to the room.  It was actually such a refreshing thing to not pick up your phone (besides using it to take pictures) for hours at a time.  I was able to just relax and disconnect and live in the moment and not be concerned with what so and so was up to.  I was able to really get into and finish a great book, listen to the music being played from the loud speakers and really just do nothing except take in my beautiful surroundings.  At the end of the week I did not want to leave and have to reconnect to the world.  I wanted to just stay in my little bubble of no responsibility.  I told my dad how nice it was to be separated and disconnected and he totally agreed.  We are all guilty of being glued to our phones, I know I am not the only one.


My snaps by the end of the week

I told myself that I would not get back into the habits of checking my social media platforms so frequently, that I would try and stick to limiting myself.  When our plane landed in Charlotte and the stewardess told us that we could turn on our cell phones I felt no urge to turn my data back on.  I was still living on the easy, careless island time.  But by the next morning I was back to my old ways of checking my platforms regularly.  Inside I was a little disappointed with myself.  I found myself in deep webs of instagram exploring (stalking) of other people’s accounts and I felt ashamed. I had just realized how bad of a habit this was yet I fell right back into it.  I came to the conclusion in our day in age unless you delate the app or have no data there is always this draw, this urge.  Social media is like society’s drug and it is a hard habit to kick.  But now that I am aware of how life is without constant connection I am I trying to live my life a little bit more like those who live on island time.

Sorry for the rant! I just found this fact so interesting and intriguing.  Does anyone else feel similarly or had a similar experience?!

I will have some real content posts up soon!



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