Flowy Shorts



Today we are talking about my latest obsession…Flowy shorts. When the warm weather rolls in or I am in a warm location I hate wearing anything too form fitting or clingy in terms of clothing. Because when you sweat your clothes stick to you and it is just a totally uncomfortable situation for everyone involved (TMI?!).  Hence when flowy shorts and pants came into style last summer I jumped on the wagon and have acquired quite a few pairs.  Between the airy fit and the fun patterns who could resist.  Its like wearing a skirt but better because you can do all the fun activities that shorts allow but while looking cute.  Flowy shorts allow me to feel comfortable but also make me look put together.  It’s a win win.   IMG_6070


Another recent favorite of mine are halter neck tops because I love a good open back. Until I purchased this top last summer the last time I had worn a halter was when when I had this favorite halter when I was a child.  I can still picture it so clearly.  A purple gap striped top that I wore incessantly.  Isn’t it funny the things the mind remembers.  Of coarse I remember my favorite childhood wardrobe #stylinevenbackintheday


I have this obsessing with life guard chairs and lighthouses.  Whenever I see one I can’t help but snap some pictures. Just another reason I love being by the water. I had to wait until the lifeguards were off duty to snap these pictures.  I mean I didn’t want to interfere with the potential saving of lives ya know.

Can we also talk about how hard it is to take photos when the wind is blowing #thestruggle You can tell my hair is a little cray in some of these photos but I just kinda embraced it.

Does anyone else love the flowy shorts style? Thanks for reading!

Outfit details: {halter top // flowy patterned shorts}

H ⚓️


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