Closet Purge

  Last weekend when I was home for the Easter break, I brought all my winter clothes home with me so that I could bring all of my spring and summer clothes back (Goodbye thick itchy wool sweater and hello airy spring dresses!!!) I am so done with winter and am now impatiently awaiting the arrival of the nicer weather.  With the change in day light savings I love that it is lighter out so now I am just waiting for the weather to catch up.

As I was putting my winter clothes away into the back of my closet and bringing all of my “warmer weather” clothes forward I realized that my clothes had taken over my room.  Now I am lucky enough to have a very spacious walk in closet with lots and lots of space. In addition to my closet I have a chest full of clothes at the end of my bed and a dresser full on the other side of my room in addition to the clothes that are piled on chairs and at the end of my bed (okay okay I realize that my room sounds like a pig sty).  It’s not that it is messy (okay maybe) but that fact that I just have too much stuff and no where to put it.

This was when I realized that I must do a good closet purge.  I am not one to spent a ton on my clothing (almost never buy something if it is not on sale or I don’t have a coupon or gift card #collegebudget) hence why I have so many clothes.  Plus I always tell myself that things go out of style and then come back again a few years later so why get rid of the stuff.  I am a very ‘what if’ person…what if I need this ugly shirt for a Halloween costume, what if this comes in handy for a themed party that may happen etc.  But for some reason, that day, I put all those what ifs aside and decided to really get rid of stuff.

I could not have done it without the help of my mother.  She pushed me to get rid of things  haha.  She would hold up a shirt, dress or pair of shoes and I would say yes or no to getting rid of it.  Let me tell you getting rid of clothes is emotional.  I pulled things out of drawers and from the back of my closet that I hadn’t seen (or warn…) in years.  I could remember specific events and moments when I was wearing each item (does this happen to anyone else or just me?!)  I guess I am just sentimental about my clothes. It was hard to say goodbye but sitting in the back of my closet wasn’t doing me or the clothing item any good.

You know you have had something for a long time when  you have to count back the years as to when you first bought it…(I swear I am not a hoarder!!)  And it gave a little but of a confidence boost when I tried stuff on all the way back from middle school and the item still fit (for the most part…some things were a little more snug than I recalled lol).

I made the rule that if I hadn’t worn the item in over a year it had to go and it was so interesting to see the donate pile grow larger and larger.  It definitely got less hard to get rid of stuff once I got into the swing of the fact that I would have so much more room in my closet and my room would not be like a sea of clothing.  While I got rid of a lot of stuff there is still a lot more I need to get rid of but baby steps people am I right?! It was definitely a walk down memory lane and a cleansing (in both a mental and physical way haha) experience.

Hey I gotta look on the bright side.  If I made room in my closet I can now go out and buy a few new things (don’t worry not as many as I got rid of!! haha).

Has anyone else recently cleaned out their closet? Does anyone else find it hard to get rid of clothes?!



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