On Repeat

It has been a little while since I have done one of these On Repeat music posts.  I seem to listen to the same songs for a while so I finally have some new favs to share with you all!

While I am at school I don’t really ever listen to the radio live.  Spotify is used almost constantly. However, after being home for break and driving in the car I realized how much I missed the radio. So recently I have been live streaming my favorite stations on my laptop.  I now feel more in touch with the music world and what is popular in pop culture.

These next few songs are the tracks that I listen to incessantly..doing my makeup in the morning, while showering, writing blogs you get the idea.  I sometimes think my roommates get annoyed that I play them on repeat so much but what can I do I just love them that much. So without further ado here are my top five picks.

Fast Car(Radio Edit)-Jonas Blue/Dakota
This song is a remix of an older song but the beat and the whole vibe of the edit puts a whole new spin and vibe on the song.  I can’t stop listening to it.  It has a really chill vibe and is great for studying.

Break up in a small town-Sam Hunt
I know this song isn’t new but recently it has been playing on the radio a lot.  I was first introduced to Sam Hunt by one of my coworkers this summer and normally I am not a country fan but for some reason I can’t get enough of Sam Hunt.  I think it is because he is not completely country, he has a little bit of pop in there.  The chorus of this song is just so catchy and the beat just gets you pumped.  Definitely a must listen.

Incomplete-James Bay
I follow Julia Hengel of Gal Meets Glam on Spotify and after listening to some of her playlists I fell in love with James Bay.  Recently his song Let it Go has been popular on the radio but I LOVE Incomplete. I am sure you will fall in love with him too.

My House– Flo Rida
This song has been a favorite of my friends and I every time we are getting ready to go out on the weekends.  It just puts you in the mood to dance.  Flo never disappoints with his catchy and upbeat songs.

Been You-Justin Bieber
I never thought I would be admitting this in public but I have been loving the new Justin Bieber CD Purpose.  He really made a comeback with this album and I love almost every song. This one is one of the more upbeat ones on the track and for a solid few weeks I would listen to it on repeat. Even if you are hesitant about the Biebs I 100% recommend checking his Purpose album out…I promise you won’t be disappointed.



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