Shamin’ & Jamin


 Here at Fairfield there is a long standing tradition to have a big party at the beach the weekend after Saint Patrick’s Day.  Being a Jesuit university a large portion of the student body is Irish and hence the event is called Sham Jam (get it shamrock!).  The last few years the police have been ending these beach gatherings quite early so there was some fears that Sham Jam would not actually happen.  But when there is a will there is a way (oh and trust me the whole school had a will haha) so Sham Jam went down just not to the extent that it normally does. I went with a group of my friends to one of her teammates beach house’s and we had a blast out in the crisp spring weather, with salty beach air filling our lungs.  When it started to get a little chilly we made our way inside the beach house and had a throwback early 2000s dance party that was so much fun and made the house rock with all of the people jumping. I have to say, Sham Jam 2k16 was a success.  Around dinner time we headed back to campus and after filling our bellies I fell asleep for a solid 2 hours and could not rally and make it out that night however the day party was totally worth it.

It is crazy to think that the next time we will be participating in Sham Jam we ourselves will be Seniors and will (hopefully keeping my fingers crossed) have our own beach houses to throw parties at. (My friends and I will be abroad for the spring semester next year and will miss Sham Jam)  College is flying by ahh! I didn’t think it was true but it sure is going fast!

Hope everyone else had fun St. Patties day celebrations!



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