Fitness Classes

Winter break was not the greatest month in terms of fitness.  Lets just say I ate a whole lot of Christmas cookies, but did not do a lot of physical movement.  I told myself that it was my break for the year however when I got back to campus my body was itching to get back in shape and finally move again haha.  The gym here at Fairfield is currently under construction (the new one opens this summer and is going to be GORGEOUS) and is basically confined to equipment filling two racket ball courts.  I have heard horror stories of people going to the gym so lets just say I haven’t stepped foot in it once this entire year.  So how am I working off all of those christmas cookies you may ask? Through fitness classes! I have turned my lack of fitness around since winter and I am now a fitness class addict and am not sure if I will ever be able to go back to the normal gym again.

I have tested out so many different types of classes, but I have a few tried and true favorites that I can’t get enough of.  The community dynamic, great music and motivational teachers make it feel like you aren’t even working out.  Here is a break down of some of the classes I have tried.

ZUMBA: If I had to pick one workout to do for the rest of my life it would be zumba.  I absolutely love to dance and zumba is basically that.  It is so high energy

Kickboxing/cardio boxing: This year a friend of mine started a new club at our school called boxing club.  We got to a local gym called Fit Club in downtown Fairfield where we have instructors train us and give us exercises to do.  The workout is AMAZING! I feel exhausted when I leave (in a good way) and always feel sore the next day haha. Definitely suggest kickboxing/cardio boxing as it is a great workout in addition to letting stress go.

Spin class: I have only taken one spin class and while it was a hard class I was not totally in love.  I went to a local brand in downtown Fairfield, we had an amazing instructor who was also a DJ so his music was fantastic. (side note: he introduced me to this mashup of Apologize by One Republic and Sorry by Justin Bieber…Fire guys honestly you have to take a listen)  I have yet to try Soul Cycle so I have yet to decide if the hype is worth it.

Boot Camp: I recently just got up the courage to take this class offered here at Fairfield.  I was always too afraid that I wasn’t in good enough shape to take it but finally forced myself to go (alone I may add…all my friends chickened out) and ended up LOVING IT! It is a combination of cardio, weights and toning.  The instructor changes up the routines and activities each week. I always leave that 45 min class feeling like a million bucks and so much stronger than when I arrived.

Pilates: I took this class here at Fairfield with an instructor.  Let’s just say it wasn’t really my thing.  I really like to feel the burn and sweat it out and pilates (or at least this class and instructor) was too mellow for me.  While we did a lot of core I did not feel any soreness the next day (meaning I didn’t do it properly lol).  I am also not the most flexible person (something I need to work on) so a lot of the tasks were a little difficult. I am more of a high intensity, loud music kind of work out girl. But if calm is your thing than this would be right up your alley.

Yoga: I have been to a few yoga classes and while it is very calming and I did feel sore the next day, I just didn’t love it.  I always forget the whole breathing thing and like I said I am not flexible so I can hardly do any of the poses (Maybe doing yoga would help this haha).  I have to say I need to give doing yoga more dedication because I feel like it could be something I really like.

Barre:  I have tried a few barre classes recently and have to say that I really enjoyed them.  They are definitely more of a toning class. It is crazy to me that some of the exercises seem so easy but make you so so sore.  I definitely was feeling it the next day.  This is a great class if you are working on toning your arms, booty, and abs.  I definitely want to start going to more barre classes.

I have to say that I have fallen in love with working out.  I used to dread it but now if I go more than a few days without sweating I can feel my muscles begin to cramp up, as if they are begging me to be used.  Now, I am not a fitness expert, but these are just my opinions on what I have tried and what I love.  I know that fitness classes can be quite pricey (hence why I don’t do Soul Cycle #breaksthebank haha) but there are always promotional plans or discounts for students so why not give it a whirl.  I love fitness classes because they hold me accountable and in a way,force me to work out.  Plus the sense of community drives me to work harder.

I would love to know if you have tried any workout classes that you love! Are there any not on this list I should try?!






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