Fairfield Adventures


This past weekend a few of my girlfriends and I decided to have one last hoorah before finals week began.  Unfortunately at Fairfield we are not allowed to have cars on campus until Junior year. However, my dad comes down every weekend to visit my grandma who just so happens to also live in Fairfield. I called him up and asked if I could borrow the car for the day to explore with my friends.  Being the best dad ever he agreed (don’t worry there was a condition…I had to pack up the car before I returned it to him with stuff from my room he could begin to take home haha)

So feeling free as a bird my friends and I headed out to pick up breakfast at a local bakery to eat at the beach.  It was a little windy but such a nice day out.  It was so enjoyable to have such a beautiful view while enjoying breakfast. I have a feeling when I have a car next year this will be a popular way to spend my weekend mornings!  While we were at the beach we snapped a cute group pic I just have to share!


After breakfast there was a lake and hiking area I had been wanted to check out for a while but never had a chance since #nocar. We drove across town and parked in the lot.  The hiking trial was not too challenging but was the perfect escape from campus, work and responsibility. Because it was such a perfect spring day every one and their mother who owned a dog was hiking. I guess this trail allows dogs to be off leash.  It was so therapeutic seeing all of the puppies swim in the streams, chase each other and come up to us wagging their tails.




All of this was concluded with a  stop at our local smoothie shop.  I couldn’t have asked for a more perfect last weekend before finals. It was a day full of fresh air, long girl chats and great weather.  There is just something about gal pals, the beach and nature that puts a girl in a good mood!

Thanks for reading!



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