Finals week Uniform


Hi friends! Yes I know I dropped of the face of the earth, but don’t worry I am alive!  I feel like I always say this but the end of the semester is always a crazy busy time of the year for everyone.  For that reason I have not had much free time in order to blog 😦 But don’t worry that will all change real soon due to the fact that a week from today I will be a free woman! #summervacay

Finals have been hitting hard this year. And I mean real hard.  I have 3 actual exams and 2 final papers. It doesn’t help that the weather here in CT has been miserable. It has been cold, drizzly and dreary.  I mean come on people its May! (I thought the saying was April showers bring May flowers…) I brought all of my cute lilly skirts and warm weather outfits back with me after spring break…guess I was being overly ambitious.  I have been in an awkward in between of not knowing what to wear.  I have basically been living in jeans, a top and a shep shirt combo this finals week.  As I was complaining to my mom over the phone about this weather and how all I want to do is lay in bed and binge watch romcom movies, she brought up a valid point.  If it were nice I would not want to be inside studying so I guess I have to look at the glass half full.  Here’s to hoping that once I am done with exams the whether will get the memo that I no longer need to focus but instead finally get my tan on!





This outfit is my finals week uniform.  I wear some variation of something like this to all of my exams. It is comfy but still put together.

(I am going to let you in on a little secret…this stripped Vineyard Vines pullover is actually a boys XL. It is a loser more casual fit and less than half the price of a normal women’s prices pullover!)


I hope that finals are going well for everyone else! Good luck everyone! Looking forward to finally getting able to blog regularly again! Excited for all of my summer content!



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