See ya later Sophomore year


I am finally home for the summer! This year sure did fly by.  I feel like I just moved in my dorm yesterday and now I am already moving out.  I went into this year with an idea of how the year would go and just like life always does, that conception changed, and the year sure did not end up as I imagined, not in a bad way or anything, just different. I guess I just had very high expectations coming off of a fantastic first freshman year.  People change, friend groups change, it happens and we can’t get ourselves down or blame ourselves, its life and things are constantly in movement.  Lets just say I am sad the year is over, I made some great memories, but I sure am in a need of a break! I am so happy it is summer!


I hate to be a downer or sound negative but I feel like this year was a little rocky for a lot of people.  Being sophomores the novelty of college life has worn off a little.  I don’t know how to describe it or put it into words, other than a lot of people were in a sophomore slump.  I love being placed in new situations and experiences, its where I feel the most alive. I thrived last year in the new experience of college, while so many of my other friends admitted this year that the adjustment to college was the worst few months of their lives and they were miserable. I loved having to meet new people, talk to random strangers and dive in to all college had to offer.  I feel like everyone has finally gotten comfortable and into a routine, but I miss the excitement of freshman year.  I guess I was just expecting sophomore to be a step up from freshman year, when in reality it just kind of felt stagnant (does that even make sense). Or in other words, last year was ended on such a high that I guess I had the expectation that it would pick up right where it left off and when it didn’t I was left a little disappointed. That is not to say it was not a great year.

One lesson a lot of people learned was that picking your roommate so early on in freshman year does not always work out. There were definitely a fair share of roommate conflicts.  I feel like once you get close with someone the little quarks start to really bother some people (hence the saying that people say to never live with your best friend!).  Too much time spend with anyone can lead to some quarrels.  However, all of these experiences only make us stronger and are learning moments and teach us how to deal with conflict and how to make compromises. It’s all a part of life, not everything can always be roses and sunshine.


If I had to sum this year up into one phrase I would have to say this year was one non stop girl’s night/slumber party.  There were countless nights we had every intention of going out but just ended up having dance parties in our rooms. Who doesnt love dance parties with their closest gal pals?!  I laughed so much this year, which is a always a good sign.  Living in a suit style living situation, whichever roommate pair woke up first would creep into the neighboring room and crawl into bed with each other where long recaps of nights out would ensue.  I can’t even begin to describe how lucky I am to have such a great group of friends, I am truly blessed.  I couldn’t make it through the year without them.  It’s crazy to imagine that I only met some of them a year and a half ago, when I feel like they have been a part of my life forever.

I feel like this was a year of life lessons.  We are finally out of the nests and are in that awkward limbo in-between teenagers and early adulthood. At times, my limits were tested this year, but I learned that I have to push through and things will eventually get better.  This year I definitely learned to appreciate my family so much more.  I feel like every freshman just can’t wait to get away from the constant watch of being under their parent’s roof.  I recall last year I would sometimes realize I hadn’t talked to my parents in over a week.  But this year, I don’t think I went more than a day without calling my mom or dad.  I counted down the days until I would get to see my favorite people’s faces.  I definitely feel closer to my parents now that I am on my own for so much of the year and it makes me cherish the times I do get to spend with them so much more.

I can’t believe that I am going to be a junior come the fall! I never believed people when they said that college passes in a flash, but boy do I believe it now.  It blows my mind that I am half way done with college. I still picture myself as a little college freshman and not a almost college grad.  It just makes me aware that I need to cherish the remaining time I have left at this beautiful campus I call my home away from home.  Next year is going to be weird because I will only be at Fairfield for one semester due to the fact that I am studying abroad in the spring! I cannot wait to live in Spain for a few months, I know it is going to be an experience of a lifetime.  I also cannot wait to finally have a car #freedom

Cheers to a great year! I absolutely cannot wait for what next year has in store!

(As I read over this post I realize that it sounds a little negative.  I am just trying to be real here and share some of the lessons I learned, but overall I had a year for the books!)

Happy Summer everyone!



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