Travel Makeup Essentials

Whenever I go on trips I try to cut down my makeup bag to bringing just the essentials.  I tend to be an overpacker in all things travel and makeup is no exception.  While the trip and location matter on what products I deem essential my basics look something like this:

~ Foundation with SPF (I swear by this)
~ Coverup stick (Perfect size)
~ Powder (love this one)
~ Blush/Bronzer (A favorite with a great price point! )
~Brush (so soft from IT Cosmetics)
~ Liquid eyeliner pen (Absolutely love this one! so easy to use!)
~ Regular eyeliner (been using this for years!)
~ Eyeshadow pallet (this one has great basics)
~ Mascara (this one is amazing and so cheap)
~ Lipstick (A great everyday color )


I try to keep it around 10 to 15 essential products that I wear everyday no matter the occasion.  This travel makeup is simple but is what I use the most.  For my recent trip to Costa Rica I knew I needed foundation with SPF knowing that I would be in the sun all day. For that reason I also knew I would be sweating a lot with all of the physical activities I had planned so I knew I did not want anything too heavy or dramatic.  But I still wanted options for a little more glam when we went out to dinner and dancing at night, hence the smoky eye pallet, heavier eye liner and lipstick.  All of these products fit into a tiny makeup back that I can squeeze into my already overpacked suitcase 😉

I would love to know what your makeup essentials are for traveling!! Leave me a comment below!



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