EF Tours College Break- Costa Rica








For those of you who are new to my little corner of the internet, I am a huge fan of traveling.  For someone my age I have been extremely lucky to have the opportunity to leave the country and visit several different countries.  However this summer my best friend and I bit the bullet and booked our first solo trip (with no adults!) to Costa Rica.  Before you give me props for being super adventurous navigating a country on my own let me tell you that while we were going by ourselves we actually booked with a tour agency called EF Tours specifically under their College Breaks trips.  We were with 33 other 20-somethings and we had a tour guide with us 24/7 who was a native of Costa Rica.  This was very reassuring to our parents as Chris, our tour guide, spoke spanish fluently and new all the ins and outs of the country.

EF Tours is an agency based out of Boston and does anything from high school tours to entire semesters abroad for college students.  I had actually done a regular EF tour to South Africa with my family in high school.  That trip was my first major trip out of the country and got my feet wet and really sparked my wanderlust and desire to travel.  Having a safe reputable agency was one of the main selling points for our parents allowing us to go on our own. Plus you barely have to lift a finger (except for typing in your credit card info ha) in terms of planning because they book everything for you! That relieves a lot of the stress of picking places that are decent to stay in.  In a way this trip was a dry run for my bestie and I because we both will be studying abroad in Spain this coming spring semester!

EF is really great at packing the week with fun activities.  On this tour we were able to travel through all 7 provinces of Costa Rica, see the mountains, volcanos, rain forrest, pacific coast and the city all in a matter of 10 days.  We toured a coffee and chocolate plantation, swam in a waterfall, went kayaking at the base of a volcano, zip lined, white water rafted, spent the day at a national park beach and so so much more. If you are into go go go this is the trip for you but by no means is it a sit around all day and catch some rays kind of vacay.

I really enjoyed the College Break branch of EF Tours.  It was so fun being with other people my age.  While it is called College Break the ages vary from 18 to 28.  There were people that were my age and then there were those who were pushing 30 but everyone got along great and made for a great dynamic.  With this age also comes some wild stories but they all made for great memories of a great trip.  What is also nice about this branch is you can book the trip entirely on your own, you go solo.  While I went with a friend and several other people did the same there was a large majority that came completely on there own without knowing anyone.  It is a great way to do a solo trip without actually being entirely on your own! It is a great way to meet new people. I now have friends from this trip scattered all across the country.

By no means is this a sponsored post, I just really enjoyed the trip and know that there are others out there who are interested and love to travel just like me! I believe that these trips are pretty reasonable for having everything included (flights too!) and it was worth every penny of me working these past few summers saving up to go!  EF has tours all over the world! I would definitely recommend checking out their website! Plus they are always having promotional things going on to get money off!

I will be doing a two or three part post about my 10 days in Costa Rica soon so be on the look out!

If anyone has any questions don’t hesitate to leave me a comment or shoot me an email at haleyonthedailyblog@gmail.com. I would be happy to answer them!!
Has anyone else been on an EF Tours tour? I would love to hear about your experience




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