Mad for Plaid






I am finally on US time again after my trip to Costa Rica (more on that to come!) After being out of the country for 10 days I had quite a few errands to run and appointments to go to.  In the summer when I am constantly on the go I love having a simple outfit that still looks polished.  Dresses are that option for me.  They require little planning and make you look effortlessly chic.  I much prefer a little dress to a shirt and shorts.

This little plaid shift dress is actually my mothers.  After cleaning out all of our closets this spring we “found” many pieces of clothing we had forgotten about.  My mother is the type of person who likes to store things away in the back of the closet knowing that it will be back in style in no time.  This drives my dad crazy but I always thank her because I have found many treasures that I didn’t have to go out and buy haha.  This dress happens to be one of those finds! I love the plaid print and the fit is perfect.  The dress doesn’t need much so I just added a monogram necklace and a cross body Kate Spade purse.  This outfit was perfect for a day of running errands because it is so comfy.  Shift dresses are classic and everyone should have at least one in their closet!








It was so nice being able to wear this dress with no sweater because before I left the weather was still a little chilly! But summer is officially here (hopefully to stay! but in New England ya never know).

I linked a few options for plaid dresses or shift dresses below!

~A really cute similar Old Navy find for a great deal!
~ Another similar option!

I hope everyone is having a good summer!



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