Pillow Talk


Hi friends! I am here with another post about dorm room decorations!

My freshman year I wanted decor that was different from the other girls at school…something unique that no one else would have.  I definitely suggest creating a Pinterest board for inspiration.  There is sooo many cute dorm rooms these days and I found myself pulling an idea from one and an element from another until I had a vision I loved.

Today we are going to talk about one of my favorite bed accessories…Pillows! They are so fun and add so much character to an otherwise plain bedding.  Plus you can never have too many!  For my room I have a total of 7 pillows, 6 on my bed and 1 on my desk chair for added comfort when I work at my desk.

I knew I wanted Lilly pulitzer accent pillows but didn’t like any of the prints on Garnett Hill at the time.  I love the beach and wanted a more beach-y feel verses the more flowery patterns. Lilly didn’t have any of her other super cute decorative pillows out at this point.  I was frustrated because I was not finding anything I loved or what I was envisioning in my mind so that was when I decided I needed to take things into my own hands and make them myself.  I found Lilly pulitzer fabric on Etsy that was so so inexpensive (This Etsy store has a wide selection, but if you type Lilly Pulitzer Fabric into the search bar you will find tons of results…tip: just make sure that the fabric is not just a scrab but around 18 in. by 18 in.).  I knew that the pillows would be leaning against the wall so I decided to do a solid color on the back of the pillow, with the print on the front to cut down on the price even more (college girl on a budget ;).  I then just found a zipper that went with the colors and an insert that fit. (Side note: definitely use inserts and zippers instead of stuffing. It makes the pillows so much easier to clean. That being said pick up the inserts before you sew to decide what size pillow you want)


The next pillow I made I picked out turquoise fabric from a local craft store (like JoAnns or Micheals) and went to a local shop that specializes in monogramming.  At this specific store it cost something like $10 t0 have the machine set up in your thread color of choice and with your initials for the monogram.  It was then $5 per item to be monogrammed.  I was having two things monogramed so it was worth the price as it came out to be about $10 per item monogramed but it would have been even cheaper if I had more items! So I would definitely stock up on items you want monogramed before you go to cut down on pricing. (I would love to have my own monograming machine some day haha…a girl can dream)


One of the pillows I monogramed was just a sham so once it was embroidered, I just threw a pillow in there and I was set.  The smaller one I had monogramed was just fabric that I later sewed pom pom trim onto the sides and then sewed it into a pillow.

Of coarse I had to throw a motivational pillow in the mix.  My mom had given it to me right before school started. It says live your dreams.  It is on a cute burlap-like fabric with gray pipping.  It was the perfect addition to my pillow party.  Whenever I see it I think of my mom and also that I should always keep fighting to make my dreams come true.

***Now a little disclaimer, I am super crafty and have learned how to use a sewing machine (if you don’t you totally should! It comes in so handy sometimes!)  My mother taught me how to sew from a young age (I even did the JoAnn Fabrics sewing class with one of my best friends in elementary school haha).  Now I know that not everyone knows how to sew or is as crafty but I am sure that you could find someone you know who could help you or you could hire someone to do it (a little pricier).


Making these custom pillows was so much fun.  It was a great summer activity my mom and I got to do together before I headed off to college.  Also, I was so proud that I had made them myself.  I 100% knew that no other girl on campus would have pillows like mine because I made mine myself! So unique and so rewarding!  Now there is nothing wrong with going out and buying pillows, I am just a crafty person and knew that making my own was something I wanted to do! If you are on the hunt for cute inexpensive already made pillows, I would check out HomeGoods (they usually have a HUGE selection), Target and PotteryBarn dorm for super cute options.

Sorry for this super long post! Just figured I would share what I did for my dorm room! Also these photos were taken in our gazebo so the lighting was better, this is not my dorm room haha

What is everyone doing for their dorm room?!



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