Narragansett Nights





This past week my family went down to stay at the house my Aunt and Uncle rent every year in Rhode Island.  It has been a tradition to spend a week in Narragansett ever since I was born and one I look forward to every summer.  We only stayed for a night and two days but it was still so relaxing and nice to spend time with family.  While the drive to RI is only a little over an hour it felt like we were on a vacation far away.  Isn’t it amazing how just a few days can make you feel totally refreshed?

Before going out to dinner one night I knew I wanted to head down to the beach and capture the beautiful golden hour.  Scarborough Beach in Narragansett is such a beautiful beach with big waves and this really cool old, crumbling stone mansion.  It was so fun being at the beach during this glorious time of day.







I wanted to keep the outfit nautical but not too dressy to give it a beachy vibe.  I scored this skirt several years ago during a Lilly sale.  I absolutely love this style of skirt.  The fit and length is so flattering and the stretchy waist band is ideal for food babies from delicious italian food and ice cream 😉


The necklace is a big chunk of sea glass that I was given for being my cousin’s maid of honor so it is so special and adds a nice nautical touch.  The watch was a great find and dupe of a Daniel Wellington watch, but I found it for only $8.50 at Loft! such a good deal! I made the tassel bracelets and of course a nautical look is not complete without a Kiel James Patrick bracelet! Thanks for reading.




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