Mermaid Halloween Costume


With Halloween right around the corner I figured I should share a little costume inspo with you! Last summer I came up with the idea to be a mermaid for halloween.  I was inspired by Lauren Conrad’s costume from years past. I had actually wanted to be one freshman year of college but did not give myself sufficient planing and crafting time haha.  So in July of last year I began the process of my epic mermaid costume.

I already had the giant scallop shells that would make up the bra. I had toyed with a few different ways to make the costume.  I knew I didn’t really want too much of my stomach showing so I contemplated using a tank top as the bodice but then I didn’t know how the big shells would stay in place.  I then found this great strapless peplum top at a shrift shop to use but with the weight of the shells it wouldn’t stay up.  Then one day at Target I randomly stumbled upon this bra with a longer bodice that was the perfect size and color, had straps, was very similar to the one Lauren Conrad used in her costume, and to top it all of it was on sale!!! Major score! I covered it in the two giant scallop shells and then even more shells and pearls to really take it to the next level.  It was super easy to make and only took a few sticks of hot glue.  Having the top be a actual bra was perfect because I could easily clasp it in the back without causing any of the shells to loosen or fall off, which could have happened if it were a shirt I had to get over my head.

Next on the list to tackle was the skirt.  This was a little more of a challenge. I had no idea where to start and had several different ideas on how to create it.  But then my mom found this video on youtube of Christian Siriano and Martha Stewart making a skirt and I knew that their way would be the quickest and easiest way to accomplish the look I was going for.  I found super cheep green sequin fabric on Amazon and just sewed an elastic band along the waist, hot glued the toile (two days before halloween in my dorm room!) to the bottom and viola, my fish tail was complete.  By no means was it perfect, but I was so proud of myself and thought that it looked great.

I used really cool gems and blue eye shadow on my face to give it a more mermaid feel.  I was absolutely in love with the way my costume turned out and was so proud of it.  I got so many complements on it and thought it was so cool being able to tell people that I made it myself.  While it definitely took quite a bit of time and effort the whole process was so fun and worth it in the end.

Unfortunately I didn’t document the process step by step so you guys could follow along but here is the link to Lauren Conrad’s blog of how she made hers  that I followed as a general guide and also the youtube video of how to make the tail!

If any of you attempt this costume tag me in your instagrams @haleyonthedailyblog !!

What are all of you dressing up as for halloween?!




  1. littlelinksjewelry · October 24, 2016

    This is so great, and you amazing!


  2. McKenzMorgan · October 25, 2016

    Oh my gosh you look like the cutest thing ever in this costume, love love love this idea!


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