It is starting to look a lot like Christmas


I have recently re -found my love of photography and taking photos.  I got my camera in high school for christmas one year.  I was going on my first big trip out of the country to South Africa with family and I wanted a nice camera to take pictures with during the trip, especially for the Safari. The camera was a Canon rebel t3 and I thought I was the coolest person in the world.  I used the camera for the trip and the photos were spectacular but after that I would bring it out occasionally but I always thought it was a hassle to have to download the photos to your computer and then send them to your phone (I was not very tech savvy back then…who am I kidding…I still am not)
**side note…my camera is having a little problem…it says error 3o whenever I take a photo…if anyone knows how to fix this hit a sister up down in the comment section! I would greatly appreciate it. 😉
Anyway…where was I…so I kind of forgot about it. Until I started blogging and realized the immense increase in photo quality using my camera versus my iPhone.  So I started using it for outfit photos.  A few weekends ago when my roomies and I were trying to snap photos dressed all festive we were not having much luck with the iPhone and the low quality lighting.  It then hit me to try the camera. Let me tell you the photos came out so cute and so good! We proceeded to have a little photoshoot before heading to the christmas party.  It was so much fun and they are photos I will cherish forever.  I have decided to try and capture more of the great memories of college that seem to be flying right by (tears).  This post is me committing myself to bringing back the camera.  I have this amazing camera, why am I not putting it to good use?!






I by no means am an expert in photography.  I really want to take a class to learn so I am hoping maybe this summer to possibly enroll in a community college class. But I just love these photos. My next feat to conquer is learning how to have bokeh or the blurry background that many great photos have.  If anyone has any tips or tricks on how to improve my photography skills or good youtube videos link them down below in the comments! Thanks!



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