Christmas celebrations with Friends






Two weeks ago, before the chaos of finals week began my close friends and neighbors threw a Christmas dinner as a last hoorah and to get us in the holiday spirit.  My friends made the most delicious dinner and it was so fun to sit around chatting.  It was so funny because we all felt like adults, bringing appetizers or bottles of wine and getting dressed up for a holiday party! We kept saying how weird it felt haha

Anyway, in addition to the delicious dinner we also did a Yankee swap.  We had a $20 limit.  We were informed of this a little late in the game so the funny thing was that most people ended up going to Marshalls and picking out something! With 13 people we had no repeats even though we all went to the same store!

It was such a fun night and way to end the semester.  It was also very bittersweet because it is one of the last times we will all be together before 4 of us go abroad for the spring semester! As I promised to myself in my last post I brought my camera along and snapped a TON of photos. Thank god for Airdrop to be able to share all the photos with everyone! I am going to miss my friends so much next semester.







Its moments and photos like these that I will forever cherish as some of my most special college memories!




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