Midnight Breakfast 2016

Every year at Fairfield on the last day of classes there is a big event thrown to not only celebrate the end of the semester but to also get everyone in the holiday spirit.  Midnight breakfast is also sort of a last hoorah before the grind of finals week starts.  While last year was a little bit of a let down due to poor planning, this year was fantastic! They totally revamped the entire night and even had a DJ.  The event consists of everyone getting all decked out in whatever holiday gear they want to don, be it ugly sweaters, pajamas, onesies you name it! We then head to our dining hall where our professors serve us breakfast.  After everyone finishes eating everyone gets up on the chairs and the classic holiday anthems (think Mariah, Britney and NYSNC) blast through the speakers and we dance the night away for the next hour or so.  It is a wild time that is such a fun way to end the semester.

These photos were taken before we headed across campus to Midnight Breakfast.  We had so much fun snapping photos.  We even had sort of a little Photo Booth area where we put a kitchen chair on the table, set the timer on the camera and just posed away as the photos snapped.  It was too much fun and it was so hard picking out photos to instagram because all of them were just so good! Moments like these make me certain that I will definitely miss my friends next semester while I abroad, but I will be back at it again in the fall with them before I know it!












I hope everyone else’s finals week went well. I can’t believe New Year’s is around the corner!



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