Adjusting to life in Madrid


The first meal out we ate in Plaza Mayor. Delicious Tapas and Sangria! 

The first two weeks here in Madrid sure did fly by! It feel like just yesterday I was arriving.  I was told the first few weeks would pass pretty slowly just due to the fact that you were in a new place, missing home, and trying to figure things out.  Admittedly, the day I arrived I freaked out a little, second guessing if I could actually do this; spend a semester out of my comfort zone, in another country, without my friends or family and I sort of began to wish the months away until I could see them again.  But after that little panic attack I pulled it together and told myself that I had been counting down this day for YEARS and that it was going to be an adventure of a lifetime and not to wish it away.  And I have to say that is the only time I have felt homesick since arriving.

One thing that made my adjustment super smooth was my host mom and my roommates. When I walked into the flat I would be spending the next 4 months in my host mother, Feli, made me feel like I was at home.  She was so sweet and is THE BEST cook! We look forward to her meals every night.  She was so cute and took us to the metro stop so we wouldn’t get lost on our first day of school and gave us a walking tour of the neighborhood.  My roommates also made the move to Spain so much easier.  When I first arrived and found out that they all went to the same University and were all friends I was a little worried that I would be the loner and wouldn’t be included.  I didn’t want to be the annoying girl who crashed their plans.  But from day one they included me in everything and made me feel as if I were a part of the group. I am honestly soo lucky to have them.  They are such a fun group of girls and we are constantly laughing. I feel as if I can be myself around them and they have accepted me for me. Re-reading this, it honestly sounds so corny, but it’s the truth, I love them! It is mind-blowing how close you can get with people in such a short period of time and I know that with the semester we are going to experience together that they will be my lifelong friends.

Before I left, when I was worried about leaving, my dad kept saying, everything is going to work out for the best.  In my head I would say yeah right, how do you know. But, looking back he was so right.  It was fate to land this home stay, with my amazing host mom and roommates and I wouldn’t want it any other way!

I love the new city I will be calling home for the next 4 months! I have figured out the metro system, am slowly getting into the swing of my classes and am in the process of booking fun trips across Europe.

Sorry for the super sappy, touchy feely post! I will try to post a fun one soon with all of the fun touristy things we have done in Madrid over the last 2 weeks! But honestly time passes so fast here and classes obviously come first so I can’t make any promises! haha



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