Taking a Breather


Traveling is one of my favorite things to do.  I have counted down the days until my study abroad experience where I could jet off each weekend, since I was in high school.  But what I didn’t realize was how tiring that constant go go go lifestyle could be for me personally.  As a person who likes to pack it all in and see everything, those weekend adventures can be quite action packed and for that reason, very tiring.  After almost two months of travel I just felt a little burnt out.  I felt like all I did was go to class, pack, get on a plane, explore, return to Madrid, repeat, repeat, repeat. Don’t get me wrong, I have loved EVERY minute of my travels and wouldn’t trade them for the world, but I was just feeling a bit off.

This past weekend I was supposed to go on another trip down to the South of Spain to celebrate Carnival.  But I found myself dreading going.  I just didn’t really have a desire to go bar hoping for two days and stand in crowded streets of people, but at the same time I didn’t want to miss out on a cool experience or waste a weekend of travel.  After texting my parents I finally saw the light that I was drained both physically and mentally.  They gave me the clarity to realize that I don’t always have to go go go, that sometimes its okay to take a break.  This time in Europe will most definitely not be my last, so why try to pack everything in and not be able to mentally be present and enjoy all of my excursion due to lack of sleep and exhaustion.  So I made the executive decision to nix my Carnival plans and stay in Madrid for the weekend, hang out with friends who are also staying, and explore the city that I chose to study in and just try to catch up on the little odds and ends of life that I haven’t had time for (one of them being some new blog posts so be on the lookout!) and do some homework that I have been putting off.  I always say I wish I had more time to explore the streets of Madrid and just let myself get lost and now I have the time to do that and I am so excited.  As soon as I made that decision, I felt a weight get lifted off of my shoulders and I immediately felt in a lighter happier mood.

Being abroad, I have learned that it is okay to take a little breather.  You don’t always have to be jetting off to a country every weekend or going out every night.  Everything in moderation.  Since coming to Spain I have learned that I have to do what makes me happy and not what satisfies others and I think that is one of the greatest lessons I have learned.  People always say that you grow so much as a person while abroad and I am not even half way through my time here and I have already learned so much about myself.

Anyways sorry for the little rant, I hope that I didn’t come across ungrateful because I am anything but that. Has anyone else every experienced this need for a little rest?

Thanks for reading,



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