Picnic in the Park



Two weekends ago my roommates and I took a much needed weekend off of traveling and spent the weekend in Madrid.  It was a very needed  break and it honestly made me fall in love with Madrid all over again.  Since we are in classes all day during the week and traveling on the weekend we really don’t get to explore Madrid a whole lot.  It made us realize we have to take advantage of the beautiful city we are living in and start to explore our “own backyard” if you will 😉

After waking up and getting ready we bought food at the grocery store across the street from our flat.  Think all your typical picnic essentials; A baguette, jamon (Spanish ham), cheese, strawberries, cookies and of coarse rosé.  We walked the short 15 minutes to Retiro Park and made our way through looking for the perfect spot to spread out the blanket and have our picnic. Retiro Park is sort of like the Central Park of NYC.  It is so beautiful and we always forget that we live so close and need to take advantage of it.  It was a gorgeous sunny 60 degree day.  Flowers were sprouting everywhere, you could hears the giddy shrieks of children playing and one of my roommates commented that this must be what Heaven looks like.  We were all just pinching ourselves at how picturesque it was.

We found a beautiful shady spot near the Crystal Palace.  We spread the blanket, popped the Rosé and kicked off our delicious picnic.  It was honestly one of the best days I have had in Madrid to date. We enjoyed the food and each other’s company all while soaking up the sun’s rays.  After our picnic we snapped a few photos and then made our way to the Crystal Palace.  It is such a beautiful glass atrium that is so light and etherial inside.  We then made our way around the pond just enjoying the weather.













We can’t wait for even more picnics in the park as the weather gets nicer and nicer here. We also still have to rent row boats on the other side of Retiro Park so it is safe to say we will definitely be utilizing beautiful Retiro Park in the coming months.

Now on to the outfit.  The saying here in Madrid is that people dress for the season and not for the weather.  It is not uncommon to see people all bundled up on a 6o degree day with big scarves around their necks because it is still February and that is how you dress in February.  However, us Americans are the opposite. We dress for the weather and not for the season.  If it is a 60 degree day you best bet I am breaking out my lighter items.  So in order to not stand out I decided on a long sleeve jean dress and a blanket scarf to wrap around me.  Then to finish off the look a felt wide brimmed hat and riding boots.  It was springy enough but still fit into my surroundings.




  1. kate · March 6, 2017

    beautiful! love the pictures!


  2. tbymallano · March 8, 2017

    I enjoyed your post darling! The food looks delicious and your outfit is beautiful!
    I must say I dress for the season as well:p
    Just followed you to not miss a thing.
    Love from http://tbymallano.com/


    • haleyonthedailyblog · March 8, 2017

      Aw thank you so much! I appreciate it! It was such a fun day and I am looking forward to more with the warmer weather finally arriving! xo 🙂


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