Silk Scarves


While I was packing my wardrobe into one suitcase for my semester abroad (I still question how I managed to do that!) the only things that kept running through my head was how sick I was going to get of wearing the same thing over and over.  How was I going to mix and match what I was bringing to keep things looking fresh and new? I wasn’t sure but I was up for the challenge.

The weather in Spain is pretty mild compared to where I live on the east coast (Just to clarify it is 65 degrees here in Madrid in the beginning of March and it is in the 20s back home).  Because of this weather I didn’t want to bring a ton of heavy clothes that by the end of the semester I couldn’t wear anymore.  My mom suggested bringing some of her silk scarves.  When I think square silk scarves I think 80s, however, they have been making a comeback in fashion recently so I reluctantly agreed to look through her bins to see if there were any that I liked and could incorporate into my wardrobe. It was so fun to pick out a few scarves while my mom told stories about her working days and how she wore them all the time to add personality to her boring pant suits.  I ended up choosing two colorful ones that would work with the colors in my wardrobe.  I have already worn them more times than I can count.

There are also so many different ways to style them.  Julia Engel of Gal Meets Glam put together a great blog post on all the different ways here!  Her post went up after I had already been in Madrid for a few weeks and I was so happy to have a few scarves lying around to play around and style with!  I can’t wait to pair them with simple t-shirts and dresses to spice them up a little bit.

These little scarves add the perfect pop of color and breath of life to my limited wardrobe. Let me know if there is a certain way you love to wear your square scarves! I would love to know.




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