Spanish Sunset





One of the nights we were in Malaga my friends and I decided to dress up and have a little photoshoot on the beach before dinner.  While we missed golden hour, we made it to the beach just in time to catch the sunset and snap a few photos.  It was a beautiful night.

My friend let me barrow her top for the night because I didn’t really think to pack anything a little dressier that weekend. I thought the outfit had such a fun Spanish vibe too it, between the color of the top and the choker chain necklace.  I originally did not think I could pull off the off the shoulder trend because I have broader shoulders, and for that reason I avoided the popular trend all last year.  But, after trying this top on I have to say that I am now a huge fan and don’t know why I didn’t try it sooner because the look is actually very flattering.  Let’s just say I have gone a little off the shoulder crazy and have picked up quite a few pieces in the last few weeks that I am so excited to style once the weather warms up a little. Can’t wait to show you all!






This super simple outfit was the perfect thing to wear for a little walk on the beach and then to tapas for dinner. These are the outfits I live for, no fuss, yet still put together; the kind where you can throw your salty hair up into a bun and that don’t require shoes! Counting down the days until I have more beach weather!  Is anyone else off the shoulder obsessed?!

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