The final weeks in Spain


My time here in Madrid is winding down and the number of days I have in this wonderful city are growing smaller and smaller.  I just took my final trip to Valencia this past weekend and the thought of packing is starting to creep into the back of my mind.

I have had the most fantastic semester full of new friendships, amazing adventure and too many laughs to count.  But, I have a confession that I was slightly guilty about feeling a few weeks ago, and that is the feeling of missing America and being ready to go home.  Recently, as the days passed a running list in my head of things that I could not wait to do, people I couldn’t wait to see, and even certain things I would not miss about studying abroad grew longer and longer.  That list included my friends and family, certain foods, non-spotty wifi (if you have ever been to Europe you will understand!) my car, my house, the list goes on and on.  And as I thought about these things I felt guilty.  I would tell myself why am I ready to leave such a fun and vibrant city, how am I ready to stop jettsetting every weekend to a new country or destination.  How would I be able to give up my host mom’s delicious cooking or not see my new friends who I have basically spent almost every waking moment with, every day like I do right now.

However, once I began to hear people confess they were ready to return back home I began to feel less guilty.  I had a semester of a lifetime.  I saw and visited so many beautiful cities and countries.  The only word I could say that I was feeling was content. Content with my time spent abroad and ready to return home.  While there is never enough time and I definitely did not see every place I wanted to visit, I was content with the places I picked and felt fortunate enough to be able to have this opportunity.  I love traveling and know this will not be my last time in Europe.  If anything it only made me want to see more! (How could the list of places I want to visit grown since being abroad?!)

It has been 4 roller coaster months and it is just my time to head back home.  I have grown so much as a person over these last 4 months and have learned more about myself during my time here than in my last 21 years of life.  But I will save those lessons I have learned abroad for a later post and spare you 😉

I was feeling a bit burnt out in the middle of the semester.  Keeping up with your classes and traveling every weekend is tough people!  I don’t know why I had this notion in my mind that everything would all be hunky dory all the time.  But luckily my last few trips have all been kinda beach bumming so that has been super relaxing and I now feel refreshed and rejuvenated. And the adventure is not over yet!  My parents come on the last day of my finals for a 10 day journey visiting three different cities in Spain and I could not be more excited! I miss my parents so much and am counting down the days until we are reunited!

If you got through this slightly scattered and not really organized post about my feelings props to you.  Thank you for tagging along on this journey and I can’t wait to return home and have so much more time on my hands to catch up on my travel posts and create new content for this blog!



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