Winter break day trips: Granada








One of the days of our winter break my friends and I took a day trip to Granada, Spain.  We took a two hour bus ride from Malaga and were able to see so much in one day.  One of the things my roommates and I almost always do is try and find a free walking tour.  We actually had a slight snafu and missed the one we originally signed up for but there are so many different agencies so we ended up finding another that began an hour later.  The walking tour gives you a good basis of the history of the city you are visiting and also brings you to all the important places and landmarks.  I know I mentioned this in a previous post but the tour guide is a native of that specific city and after the tour is over you tip them whatever you think the tour is worth.  It is a great way to get to know a city you are visiting.

After the tour was over, my friends and I ran into a grocery store to pick up some things for a quick picnic lunch.  We had tickets to go to the Alhambra and wanted enough time to be able to see everything before we had to catch a bus  back to Malaga.  The Alhambra was beautiful and so different from anything I had every seen before.  The arabic and muslim influence and carving were stunning.  It began to drizzle a little while we were touring the beautiful buildings but the mist only made it more beautiful.

When we finished with the tour of Alhambra my friends and I headed back down to the city to do some shopping in the muslim neighborhood called Albayzin before we had to head back to the bus station to catch a bus back to Malaga.  Although the weather wasn’t perfect it was exciting to be able to check another city in Spain off of our list and learn more about the history of the country.




  1. styledbymckenz · May 31, 2017

    I love the outfit and these pics!

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