Peek into my Week

Long time no talk! I feel like all I have been writing are Abroad recaps and while they are so fun and I love doing them I don’t really get to share my day to day with you all.  So I reinstating my series Peek into my week so that you can get a little glimpse into my life!
This past Monday was Memorial day.  I was supposed to work at the beach but the day was a wash due to horrible storms so our boss said we didn’t have to go in.  I lost out on a days pay but I didn’t mind that much because it was so nice to cozy up on the couch with blankets and binge watch Homeland with my dad (has anyone else seen it?!) before we had to head back home for the week.


My mom, Aunt and I met up with one of my cousins who we hadn’t seen since Christmas to grab some breakfast.  She goes to school out in Arizona so it always nice to catch up.  After breakfast my mom and I ran a bunch of errands because it was a rainy day (surprise, surprise…when is this weather going to clear up??) However, there was a break in the rain so we snapped a few photos down by the  boat house in town.

I spent all day in pajamas (don’t worry I put on a fresh pair when I woke up haha)  It was another crappy day (the northeast just can’t seem to catch a break) so I spent the day working on blog posts and cleaning my room. Fun stuff I know.  But sometimes you just need those lazy lounge days.


I met up with my bestie who just got home from Spain.  Although we were able to get together and do a few trip abroad (London and Paris) I hadn’t seen her since March so it was so fun to catch up. She is also living in Boston for the summer to work in a hospital so it was nice to get together before works starts for her.  That night I also met up with there rest of my high school friends for an ice cream date and to watch the bachelorette.  We went to a local farm where they make homemade ice cream.  I had a scoop of cow pies which is peanut butter ice cream with cookie dough and chocolate chips. Yummy! European gelato will always have my heart but there is nothing like fresh homemade ice cream.   Nights like those are what summer is all about.


I attended a fundraiser golf tournament for my little cousin who has a rare health disorder.  It is so special to see all these people come together to show their support.  It was a fun day and luckily the weather held up for us.  After that my family and I headed down to the shore for the weekend.

I worked at the beach.  It rained for a majority of the morning (do I live in Seattle, cause all it does it rain here!) and the beach as dead until the end of my shift when the sun finally decided to come out.

I worked again and the beach was a ghost town again due to the fact that it was cold, windy and an afternoon storm was supposed to hit.  Hopefully the summer turns arounds soon. I am getting pretty sick of this weather!

It was a pretty relaxing week.  Work hasn’t started full time yet and we haven’t moved down to the beach yet for good so I have been trying to get all of my projects done in these few weeks I am home.  I hope everyone is off to a great Monday!








  1. styledbymckenz · June 5, 2017

    Working at the beach?! Sounds so awesome. Love this post.


    • haleyonthedailyblog · June 9, 2017

      Thank you Mckenzie! Yes! It is a dream summer job..except for those brutally hot days..then I wish for some AC haha but I can’t complain being out in the sun all day!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Aubrey Yandow · June 7, 2017

    Robb’s Farms’ Ice Cream is my life (hahaha) Can’t wait to go there when I’m back in CT in July.

    KEEP UP THE AMAZING WORK, on your blog.
    xx Aubrey


    • haleyonthedailyblog · June 8, 2017

      haha aw your so sweet Aubrey! Thank you! We should totally either meet up for ice cream or a lobster roll when you are back this way next month!


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