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My friends and I had a bunch of time to kill before our tour began so we decided to just wander around the nearby white washed city.  Nerja actually really reminded me of Greece.  Most of the buildings were white with blue accents.  While we were exploring we found a dirt road that we assumed led to the ocean.  We figured what the heck, lets check it out.  And OMG it was quite the adventure that brought us to the most beautiful cliff ledge.  You could not access the beach without scaling down a steep path and considering the clothing we were wearing we decided against that.  However the views from the cliff overlooking the ocean were stunning.  There were also these gorgeous wildflowers blooming everywhere.  So my friends and I proceeded to do what any other group of girls would do; have a little photoshoot 😉

I decided to set the mood with a little music from my phone.  Because I was in such a good mood I proceeded to sing along (very badly) until my roommate threatened to push me off the cliff if I didn’t stop haha.  We were laughing so hard.  It was one of my favorite memories of the trip and it just goes to show you that sometimes you just have to let yourself get lost.  You don’t always have to have plans, because just seeing what a place has to offer allows you to really experience it.  And you never know what you will stumble upon!

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