Peek into my Week

Sorry this post is getting up a day late! It was just such a beautiful day yesterday that I had to spend it outside!

With the weather being pretty miserable my mom and I ran a bunch of errands.  We have a couple of crafty projects we are working on so we headed to Hobby Lobby.  Since we were over in that neck of the woods I couldnt resist stopping at Christmas Tree shops.  I found a few great deals including super cute wine classes that say “instant mermaid, just add wine”, I mean can it get any more perfect?! I also found some affordable frames for a gallery wall I am working on for my room down at the shore. You can always count on Christmas Tree shops haha

Because it rained all day, I spent the whole day making photo books with pictures from my semester abroad.  Lets just say I had some technical difficulties and just the whole process of selecting the photos, laying them out, adjusting them and adding text can take a while (then I became a bit obsessive and had to force myself to stop adjusting everything haha) I made one for myself and one for my parents as a gift.  I ended up making them on Walgreens. I have made them on CVS in the past, but one of my friends made a really cute using Walgreens so I decided to give it a try.  Guys! They came out so cute! I am obsessed and I know that I will find myself flipping through this book for years to come.


The sun finally reappeared!! Praise the lord! I was finally able to work out in the sunshine, repot some plants and make these really cool stepping stones the garden down at the beach.  Because my dad and brother were gone for the night, my mom and I then decided to have a girls night and walked down to my favorite Mexican restaurant in town called Sayulita. Oh how I missed that place while I was abroad.  I ordered the Sangria (because I was missing Spain a little) and a lobster truffle taco and shared the delicious guac and chips with my mom.  To say I was stuffed was an understatement.  But of course your girl couldn’t leave without a doggie bag of churros con chocolate for later 😉


My mom and I headed down to the beach to get our house ready for my girls weekend! We cleaned, did laundry and tidied up the house so it would be in tip top shape for when my fairf friends arrived!  I also clipped these beautiful peonies from our garden! How stunning!?


I finished up prepping for my girls weekend and then headed down to the shore.  I made this adorable cake for to celebrate two of my girl friends’ 21st birthday.  Does anyone else love decorating cakes as much as I do.  When my friends saw the cake they joked that my kids are going to have the best birthday cakes some day haha


My friends arrived Saturday afternoon.  They were coming from Mass, Long Island, Connecticut and Jersey.  It was so good to see all of them after a long 6 months apart.  But the nicest thing is we picked up right where we left off as if no time had passed.  We spent the day laying in the sun at the beach just chatting and then had a cute little photo shoot at the beach after dinner when the sun was setting. It was a fun day full of lots of food, beach and laughs.

FullSizeRender 2

We woke up had breakfast and then most of my friends hit the road by noon so that they wouldn’t hit the weekend traffic.  I then went on a nice bike ride around town and relaxed the rest of the day.  The weekend was a blast but boy was I wiped by the end of it!

I hope everyone had a fantastic weekend and is off to a good start of the week!



  1. styledbymckenz · June 13, 2017

    Love that cake! You and your gals looked so stunning.

    Liked by 1 person

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