Morocco Trip Recap


One of the weekends in March a group of friends and I booked a trip to Morocco through a tour agency called Discover Excursions.  It was such a cool and unique experience to be able to travel to Africa while studying abroad in Spain.  It was definitely a haul to get there but so worth it.

Psst…Here is the Gopro video of our weekend in Morocco that highlights all that we did!



**Also a little note on dress attire.  We were told to dress modestly due to the fact that most Moroccan people are Muslim and Muslim people dress a certain way for modesty.  While we did not have to cover our hair or faces we were asked to wear pants or skirts that covers our knees and shirts that covered our shoulders. So I ended up wearing a stripped tunic and jeans one day and flowly pants and a t shirt another day because it was pretty warm for the beginning of March.






The first day we drove about an hour to Chefchauen, or as many commonly refer to it as, “the blue city”.  We had this adorable old man who was a native of the city give us a little tour before we headed to lunch.  We ate in this very cool restaurant that had amazing decor.  The food was delicious too. After that we had a couple hours of free time before we had to get back on the bus and head to the hotel.  My friends and I explored and popped in and out of all of the little shops.  We also took too many pictures to count.  There was just a pretty location to shoot around every corner.  My friends also ended up getting henna which is super popular in Morocco. The store owners were very aggressive sales people but we were told that we had to bargain down the prices.  I bought a couple of cool postcards and then a really cool hand made stripped wool throw.

We headed back to the hotel where were had a few hours to kill before dinner.  Because we were told not to leave the premise of the hotel (being out in Morocco alone as a tourist is not the safest thing) my friends and I just hung out in our hotel rooms.  After we had dinner there was a little party in the ballroom that the tour put on and then we headed to bed.



The next day we drove to Asilah.  We walked around the old city, walked along the beach and then shopped some more.  We then had lunch and arrived at the beach in Tangier where we would be riding camels.  It was a short camel ride but man was it hard to stay on!  I don’t know how people ride camels for an extended period of time.  It was a very cool experience and one I will always remember.  We then had to drive back to catch our ferry back to Spain.

Morocco was such a beautiful country, so different from anywhere I had visited in my life.  I learned a lot about the people and customs and culture.  It gave me a taste of what Northern Africa is like and I would definitely love to visit again at some point.

Thanks for reading!




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