Paris Weekend Recap: Day 2

Our second full day in Paris half of the group got up early to go to Versaille.  The rest of us slept in a little (8 am) then headed out to see Sainte Chapelle Cathedral.  However not before stopping for crepes for breakfast 😉

We waited in line for 15 minutes at Sainte Chapelle before one of the workers made an announcement that EU (european union) citizens were allowed to cut the line and that it was free entry.  Like I said before, because we had visas we were temporary citizens of Spain so we were able to get in for free! Wahoo! We entered the cathedral and just stood in awe at the breathtaking stained glass that surrounded the entire room.  In my art history class the year before we had learned about Sainte Chapelle so it was so cool seeing it in person.  Little did I know as I sat in class looking at images of it for hours that I would be getting to see it in real life while I was abroad.

After taking in Sainte Chapelle we made our way to the Royal Palace.  We had some mapping issues (does anyone else struggle with mapping or is just me?!) and there were some minor communication problems due to the fact that no one had working data but we finally were able to see the Royal palace and take in the gardens.  It was a quick stop because we had to meet our friends who had done other things in the morning, at the Eiffel tower for a little picnic.


We ended up just ordering food from the truck vendors near Eiffel tower park before we headed to sit on some benches while we ate so we could people watch.  There was this scam game going on in front of us that tried to get people to guess which cup the ball was under.  They had a whole group of people working together to try and attract people to make it look like it was easy.  We almost wanted to scream out each time a passerby stopped to leave immediately because it was a scam but we decided to keep our mouths shut.




After lunch we head to a spot to snap a bunch of photos with the Eiffel tower in the background.  After taking a ton of photos we decided to head over to Montemare and Sacre Coure for the rest of the afternoon before our boat tour that was scheduled for 7 pm.  We stopped again for crepes and ice cream (when in Paris am I right?!) before we headed up to the Sacre Coure to people watch.  We sat on the lawn and then we all kind of laid down, and I ended up passing out for 15 minutes.  My friend captured the most hysterical photo of me asleep on the hill.  After the little cat nap we sort of just wandered around Montemare, went into a chocolate and macaroon shop to pick up some sweets before heading back down to Notre Dame where we would meet the boat.  We got there a little early so we ate our macaroons along the Seine river.

At 7 pm we got on our boat, we made our way up to the top deck and then cruised along for a tour of Paris along the Seine.  It was very interesting to learn a little more about the history of the city and also seeing that city from that perspective.  The coolest thing was because it was a beautiful spring night the banks of the river were lined with people snacking and drinking wine, unwinding after a long day of work.  If we had had more time in Paris I would have loved to partake but it got chillier as the night went on.  After the tour we ate dinner in the cute little area, stopped to have some gelato then headed back to our airbnb for the night to pack for our early wake up call to catch a flight back to Madrid.

It was a fabulous weekend, with great weather, and even better people to spend it with! My first time to Paris could not have gone any better.  I saw and did so much and now I want to go back and have some more time to just explore.

Also here is my go pro video of our weekend in Paris! It was so fun to make, so I hope you enjoy it! Also can you guess what song I chose for the footage to go along with?!

Day 1 Recap
Paris Outfit Guide

If you have made it this far congrats! Sorry that was a long one but I wanted to be thorough! As always, if you have any questions don’t hesitate to shoot me an email, I would love to answer your questions, especially if you are a studying abroad (jealous) and want some insight!

Thanks for reading!




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