Stripes for the 4th









Okay so there is a little story behind this skirt.  I spotted it this spring in my favorite store in Madrid.  I tried it on and really liked it but I told myself I didn’t need it, that I should be saving my money for adventures and not things while abroad. (I also was starting to get a little worried about how I was going to fit everything I bought into my suitcase to bring back to the states 😉

I had taken a few dressing room selfies with it on to show to my mom and friends.  As I was showing my friends it hit me, I knew why I loved the skirt so much.  It was similar to a skirt my style idol, Julia Engel, had worn a while ago that was from MDS stripes, however this one was a fraction of the price.  I kicked myself for not picking it up.  Fast forward a few weeks, I went back to browse through the store and found THE skirt, in MY size, and ON SALE, for…wait for it…under $10!!! Can you believe it?!? How can this adorable skirt that looks so luxe be under $10?!? I knew at that point that it was meant to be (and I mean, how can you pass up such a good bargain?!?)
(PS unfortunately I couldnt find this skirt online…)

I knew immediately that it would be the outfit I wore for the 4th of July (is that sad…that I was planning my outfit months in advance?!  What can I say?! It is one of my favorite holidays…and I must have been missing America just a little haha) I knew I wanted to style it with a white top but didn’t know how I would add in a pop of red.  I had a potential necklace but then an idea hit me.  I could add a pair of tassel earrings as my something red.  However, I was not willing to spend a fortune on a pair so I thought, I have embroidery floss, I can make myself a pair!

I had made a bunch of tassel bracelets last summer so I just replicated the tiny tassels I had made last summer on a larger scale.  I thought they turned out super cute and I made them for less than $1.50!! I mean come on? I think I need to make myself a pair in every color!! (If you are interested in a tutorial post comment down below!!)




I really love this entire look and know that it will be one of my go to skirts this summer.  It is just so easy to style and wear and makes me feel so put together.

I hope that you all have some fun plans to ring in the 4th of July! Thanks for reading.




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