Greek Sunsets




For my spring break, while I was studying abroad, my friends and I planned a trip to Greece.  It was quite the undertaking seeing as there were 5 of us and it is somewhat complicated and expensive to get to the islands but we pulled it off and had a fabulous time!

Our first stop was the island of Corfu.  We stayed at the Pink Palace.  Which you guessed right, is a hotel where everything is pink!! Right up my alley. One night before dinner my friends and I threw on some cute outfits to head down to the beach to snap some photos. We all sported easy sundresses, freshly washed un-styled hair, and minimal makeup…but isn’t that the way vacations are supposed to be?!

So of course before heading down to take pictures at sunset I roped in one of my friends (hi Izzy!) to take some photos.  I have the best friends who put up with me and my need to document everything haha.





Greece is known for some of the most stunning sunsets and Corfu did not disappoint.  I wore this really cute and breezy maxi dress.  It was perfect because during the day it was warmer but once the sun set it got a little chilly.  It was also nice to have a dress that was not too clingy seeing as I didn’t realize the strength of the greek sun and lets just say I may have looked like a tomato.  These photos don’t do the redness I am sporting justice (you can kind of see it in my strap lines)  I learned my lesson because I had to cover up my burned legs for the next few days and basically bathed myself in aloe each night after showering (you live and you learn I guess 😉  Anyways, I forgot to share these photos so I hope you enjoy!




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