Walks on the beach




One of my favorite things to do in the summer is to take long walks on the beach at low tide out on the sand flats.  Low tide is my favorite time of day at the beach.  The tide goes out revealing rippled sand riddled with sea shells.  I love walk up and down these flats collecting shells while also getting some steps in for the day.

There is just something so therapeutic about this for me.  It as if as soon as I get out on these sand flats all of my worries melt away and I just instantly relax.

However, my absolute favorite times out on the sand flats are when it is still a little foggy out early in the morning.  There are not many people and it feels like I have the whole place to myself. These photos were taken when the sun was beginning to burn off the fog but the haze hanging over the sand and water just looks so majestical.



On these mornings when it is low tide I like to throw on a comfy pullover and a pair of shorts.  Will you believe me when I say that I scored this adorable stripped pullover from Benny’s (sort of like a walmart but on a smaller scale) for only $7!! I mean you can’t beat that! My mom even went back to our local Benny’s to pick up one for herself and they were all sold out.  Good thing I snatched mine up while I did! I know that it will be my new go too for walks on the beach.

I know Vineyard Vines makes pullovers like this that are very similar so I would suggest checking them out if you are on the hunt for something similar!

Thanks for reading.  Does anyone else have a story about a steal they found recently!? I would love to hear about it in the comments below!



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