When in Rome


For my first leg of spring break my friend Katie and I headed to Rome.  We decided to skip a day of classes and start our spring break a little early 😉 In all honesty I wasn’t planning on heading to Italy at all.  I had decided that I wanted to do Italy right and a weekend here or there wasn’t going to do the beautiful country justice.  I was just going to save Italy for another time.  However, after looking at the cheapest flights to get to our final destination, Greece, we found that the cheapest way to do it would be to stop in Rome! I was excited that I would get a little taste of Italy in the two short days I was there.

(Check out my recap video here!! In the comments below tell me if you know what movie the songs I used for the video are from!)

Our trip got off to a rocky start when my friend almost missed our flight out of Madrid! I was freaking out a little (typical) but she made it!! And our luck than began to look up when we were randomly given the exit aisle seats on a Ryanair plane (if any of you know Ryanair you will understand my excitement!!) Yay extra leg room!  We landed in Rome late Wednesday night and headed to our hotel.  We actually stayed at the Generator Hostel group.  They are a super trendy really chic hostel and my friend and I ended up booking a private room so it felt like we were in a hotel!

We decided to sleep in a little the next day, getting up at 9 am.  We then quickly got ready and headed out the door.  We wanted to walk to Vatican City so we just sort of began heading in that direction.  We stumbled upon a little street market set up and bought some delicious fresh fruit for breakfast.  It was a bit of a walk from our hotel to Vatican City so when we finally made it we were pretty hungry.  We made the rookie mistake and ate at what was probably a touristy restaurant but you live and you learn haha.  We then waited in line for a little so we could explore Saint Peter’s Basilica.  This church was truly stunning.  After spending some time there we made our way out and actually ran into people from our University in madrid! They were with a friend who was studying abroad in Rome so he gave us some restaurant recommendations.

My friend and I spent the rest of the day wandering around Rome hitting some of the sights and eating a few gelatos while doing it (I mean when in Rome 😉 you can never  have too much gelato!)


We headed to one of the restaurants that our friend had recommended. As soon as we made it the skies opened up and it began to pour.  We lucked out and grabbed one of the last tables inside.  One sort of awkward thing was that in these little restaurants they place you at the same table as another party of people.  So we were seated next to this couple.  We said hello and both kind of agreed how odd it was that they did this but it ended up being such a lovely dinner.  The husband and wife were so friendly and gave us so much great wisdom and life advice and my friend and I really enjoyed their company (and the delicious Italian food too 😉  When the rain finally let up we started to head back to our hotel.  It was a bit of a walk but we decided to save money on cabs and wander the streets.  I mean that is how you truly experience a city!

Oh I can’t forget!! On the same street as the restaurant I stumbled upon this adorable shop called Antica Sartoria.  Lets just say this place is a boho mermaid loving girl’s heaven.  There was just so much eye candy in this store and it was closing in 15 minutes that I couldnt focus! I ended up purchasing a scarf (for 10 euro!) and a really fun necklace for (8 euro!) The scarf is actually pictured in a bunch of these photos because I just couldn’t resist wearing it the next day 😉  Amy from I Believe in Pink and Rhiana from    Wear Bows and Smile have talked about discovering this brand on their travels to Italy recently too! I looked into it and there is actually a store in Palm Beach! Sorry I digress 😉




Our second and last day in Rome we decided to hit a bunch of the must dos in Rome.  We went to these ancient Roman bath ruins which was really cool to walk through.  We then made our way to the Colosseum.  My friend and I ended up paying to go in and I have to say I was a little unimpressed.  I guess I had just hyped it up in my head so much.  It was still cool to see but I would say that if you are short on time than you can skip this.  After exploring the Roman Forum a little it was 2 pm and we hadn’t eaten anything all day.  I was hangry to say the least but I was also on antibiotics so I had to eat something before I took my medicine.  We ended up stumbling upon this outdoor cafe where my friend and I split a caprese salad and each ordered our own pizzas.  We then headed to the the Pantheon and the trevi fountain to get that Lizzie McGuire shot 😉 and finally to the Spanish steps to have some gelato.


We spent the rest of our last day just wandering the streets of Rome (okay and shopping for Italian leather purses too 😉  I also had to stop into my new favorite store from the night before one more time just to be sure I didn’t need anything else haha.  I almost bought a cute purse and another scarf but my suitcase was already busting at the seams so I resisted ( I know I have extreme self control 😉

For dinner that night we ate at the same restaurant as the night before ( I know we were so adventurous but hey it must have meant it was good!) My friend and I split a dish since we had a big lunch and decided to get Cannolis and gelato to enjoy back in the hotel room.  Lets just say that Rome isn’t known for their cannolis (not the best I have ever had) butttt the chocolate gelato I had was as if I died and went to heaven.  Maybe one of the best things to have ever touched my mouth ( I am not exaggerating!)  I have decided that when you are in Italy it is socially acceptable to have gelato at least twice a day…I think it actually should be a rule!

We then headed back to our room, packed and hit the hay because we had a 3 am wake up call to catch our flight to GREECE!!!  It was a great two days full of great food and great memories and now that I have a taste of Italy (no pun intended) I have a itch to go back and explore even more of the country!

If you made it through this post and are still reading props to you.  That was a long recap.    Anyways if you have any questions feel free to shoot me an email or dm me on instagram (@haleyonthedailyblog)

Ciao for now!



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