My favorite Clothing Stores in Spain


(Skirt is from Mulaya; Purse is from Mulaya; Shoes are from Primark)

The shopping in Europe, especially Madrid is like no other.  Being a bigger city, Madrid has anything and everything you could ever want.  It was actually quite dangerous guys…and I am not usually one to spend money shopping.  But these stores were just too good and the deals just couldn’t be beat!


This store was by far one of my favorite stores in all of Madrid.  Being a chain there were locations all over the city and I am embarrassed to say I hit almost every single one.  There was a store located just a 15 minute walk from my apartment and my roommates and I would always reward ourselves after studying with a trip to Mulaya! They had the absolute cutest things, I literally couldn’t walk out of the store without purchasing something.  It was an actual issue!  Also the prices could not be beat! I had to resist myself constantly because the prices were that good.



Just think of this as the forever 21 of europe but 100 times better.  I know how can that be?! But just trust me on this one.  The store located in Gran Via in Madrid was 5 stories and would take me at least two hours to thoroughly go through the store.  While I tried to pack almost everything I would need in the four months I would be in Europe I was bound to forget something and this was the place to go when I realized I was missing an item.  An extra pair of pajamas to wear while mine were in the wash…6 euro for a matching fleece set.  Bathing suit tops for spring break were 4 euro! I mean I felt like I was committing robbery! I even comteplated buying an extra suitcase to fill and bring back with me, but I resisted.  But dont worry friends. I did some extensive research and actually discovered there are a few Primark east coast locations, in Boston and Connecticut.  They also offer limited items online so check it out!



Zara is another spanish store that has become super popular in America.  It is a little more pricey than the other stores I loved but you could definitely find great deals and sales.  Zara is also more high fashion items that make a statement.  They offer shipping to the united states and have stores here in America in a lot of big malls and in major cities!



This Spanish store is very comparable to the H&M of Spain.  They have super cute and trendy pieces that are a bit better quality than the more inexpensive stores.  This items are a little bit more classy or more grown up than say the items in Mulaya which I really loved.


Pull and Bear

This store is sort of like the American Eagle of Spain.  The clothing are geared to young adult audience and my friends and I found so many cool items with unique details special to Pull and Bear.  When I visited Spain in high school this was my favorite store, however, I feel like now the items are a little bit trendier than I remember them being.


Honorable Mentions:


Have you ever been to any of these stores?! Do you have a favorite store that is not on this list? I would love to know!





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