Valencia Travel Diary


My last weekend of travel in Spain was intended to be an all out vacation to Ibiza or Majorca because we had 5 days off from school due to Spanish holidays.  However, due partially to our poor planning skills, expensive flights, the realization that our bank accounts were quite low after all our travel over the past 4 months and the fact that I had a final the day we got back, my roommates and I decided to do a shorter more low key trip.  We looked and looked and finally settled on Valencia.  It was only a short 4 hour bus ride away and we found a really cheap airbnb right on the beach.  We headed out early Saturday morning and intended to get back Monday night so we could have a day to study before exams on wednesday.

The first day in Valencia was a bit overcast and cold so we decided we would spent the day exploring the city of Valencia.  I have to say I had built the city of Valencia up in my head for some reason and when I actually got to see it I was sort of let down.  It just wasn’t what I was expecting I guess, not in a bad way or anything. We walked all the way to the city of Arts and Sciences which are a serious of museums with super modern looking buildings.  That was cool to walk around and people watch.  My roommates and I also tried Horchata, a typical milky drink made of tiger nuts that is native to Valencia.  I have to say, I don’t know if I would order it again but I was glad to be trying new things!  We then found a paella place for dinner before heading back to our airbnb for the night. Valencia is known for their paella and it was delicious!



Day 2 was spent at the beach soaking up the sun and our last girls trip before we had finals.  The airbnb was literally steps from the beach and it was so nice to just listen to music and spend quality time together for one of the last times before we headed back to America.


OH! YOU GUYS! Valencia had AMAZING sea glass!!! One thing you don’t know about me is that I am a sea glass fanatic.  I could spend hours just walking up and down the water line looking for little treasures and this beach was COVERED! I was in heaven.  My roommates would make fun of me because after every little walk I took I would come back and be like a little kid showing off my finds haha I collected so much and was starting to get concerned about the weight of my luggage with all of the sea glass I had collected during my travels abroad! Also funny story. I had a hand full of sea glass as I went for a walk with one of my roommates and this spanish man on the beach came up to me and put out a plastic bag said something to me in spanish.  It took me a second to process that he asked if I wanted to throw my sea glass into the bag of trash he was picking up off the beach.  I quickly said no thank you in Spanish before realizing that europeans think that it is trash!! the horror!

My roommates and I had a lot of fun cooking in the house and made delicious breakfasts each morning.







The next day and final day we headed to the beach again.  We had seen people surfing and decided that we would do it that day since the day before was a little windy.  However, little did we know that because it was a national holiday the surf shop would be closed so unfortunately we couldn’t rent surf boards which was a bummer because we had all been itching to try again ever since Portugal.  On one of our walks along the beach I had seen that there were really cute little snack shacks that were painted with adorable blue stripes.  So of course I made my roommates come back to take some #instagrammable photos 😉 How cute are the stripes though?!  Unfortunately all good things must come to an end and we had to take an evening bus back to Madrid that night.

It was such a fun and relaxing trip with my roommates for our last trip before the end of the semester.  It was low-key and full of amazing memories so what more could you ask for!?

Thanks for reading!



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  1. Choi · August 8

    Looks amazing! Thanks for sharing .. happy travels!


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