Chambray in Park Guell





This chambray dress was admittedly an impulse buy.  I was already late for class but saw it in a little store, quickly tried it on and purchased it before I could second guess. Plus for only $13 how could I say no?! And I have to say I am so glad I did!  I wore this to class countless days and it was so easy to just throw on and go.  I didn’t even feel like I had to add accessories and it instantly made you look chic.  My roomies even borrowed it a few times!

Another fun thing about this dress is that you can wear it as either a one shoulder or an off shoulder dress! Both cute and functional 😉   (PS sorry about the wrinkles…between being pulled out of an overstuffed suitcase and wearing it on a humid day I was bound for wrinkle city!)




It was also perfect to wear while I was exploring Barcelona with my parents.  We had a long day of visiting the sites and it was quite a warm day and this flowwy off the shoulder couldn’t have been a better choice to wear.  I mean you gotta look cute for photos but also be comfortable ya feel me?! 😉


I can only imagine how many times I am going to wear this when I head back to school and am too tired to think about putting together a cohesive outfit.  I will just reach for this chambray dress and be able to call it a day because of its effortlessness.  A score in my book!

Is there a dress or any item of clothing that you turn to repeatedly?! I would love to know!

Thanks for reading!



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